Male baldness may not mean high fertility

Dwayne Johnson

It is an age old adage that male baldness is a sign of the man in question's virility; however a new study shows that this may be an old wives tale. The study reveals that men who are young (around 30) when they lose their hair may in fact be less fertile.

Researchers hypothesise the hormone changes associated with hair loss may also affect sperm count. Those experiencing moderate to severe hair loss in the study had a sperm volume count almost 60 percent lower than average.

The idea that bald men are more fertile is based on the assumption that the baldness is due to higher levels of testosterone. This testosterone is believed to give a superior sex drive but can also lead to baldness at an early age. However, medicine has taught us that men with low levels of testosterone can also lose their hair and that hair loss is caused by a complex combination of genetic and hormonal factors.

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