Are Genetics to Blame for my Hair Loss?

Why is it that some people age gracefully, with only a touch of salt and pepper but a full head of hair and then others start developing a bald spot and a receding hairline, sometimes even before they hit 30?

If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair it can be tempting to look for something, or someone to blame! And this blame often lands on genetics or more specifically your mum's dad, who is often said to be the link between genetics and hair loss. But how much truth is there to this?

While some will blame their hair loss on stress, lifestyle habits, or over-use of heated styling tools (all which can in fact lead to hair loss) the cause of your thinning hair is likely tied to genetics. Take a look at the short video below to learn more about the role of genetics in hair loss and thinning hair.

As the AsapScience video explained, the most prominent hair loss gene is located on the X chromosome only and, as a result, baldness is therefore partly hereditary and passed down on mum's side. So what does this mean? Well, if your hair loss is hereditary unfortunately there's not much you can do about it. Genetic-pattern baldness is not really a disease where you can take a pill and the symptoms will go away, but a natural condition caused most often by a combination of genetics, hormone levels and the aging process.

Diagnosing Genetic Hair Loss

While most hair loss is genetic and is not a sign of illness, if you experience rapid hair loss that comes out in clumps or anything similar you should consult your GP straight away. Even if it does turn out to be hereditary-pattern baldness its always better to get the all clear! Genetic hair loss is usually diagnosed by both its pattern and by identifying a history of a similar type of hair loss that has affected your family members also. In most people, no further tests are required.

Hair Loss Treatment for Pattern Baldness

There is some evidence to suggest that medication such as Minoxidil and finasteride may prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth. However the effects are hard to determine and it may take anywhere up to a year before you will see results which will often differ from one person to the next.

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