8 Tips and Tricks on How to Thicken Hair For Men


While it may not be as serious or obvious as male pattern hair loss, hair thinning is still a worrisome problem that many men have to face everyday. It’s a problem that makes you feel self-conscious and somehow less confident, even if it is not immediately noticeable.

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Thankfully there are plenty of ways on how to thicken hair for men. Here are 8 tips and tricks to help make your remaining locks last longer and appear fuller daily:

1. Choose the right hair care products. It’s important to keep your hair and scalp healthy and clean at this time as dirty, greasy hair lie flat and emphasise thinning; and dirt buildup can inhibit new hair growth. Make sure you wash your hair with a good thickening or volumising shampoo and conditioner, applying the conditioner mainly to the ends of your hair and not on the scalp. For added security, you could also try an intensive follicle serum like the ones from BioTHIK to control oil and keep your scalp healthy. When styling, avoid heavy waxes and gels that can weigh your hair down. Look for volumising products like mousses and sprays so you can get an even fuller look.

2. Dry carefully. Hair is three times weaker when it’s wet, and applying heat to it can make it more brittle and prone to breakage. As such, you need to be extra careful when drying your hair. As much as possible, let your hair dry naturally or simply pat it dry. Don’t over-comb it or towel-dry vigorously. If you must, blow dry but use only the cool air setting.

3. Stay away from the comb. Combing can make your hair look limp and flat. Use your fingers to style your hair instead and add a little more volume.

4. Stop smoking. If you need another good reason to stop smoking, this is it: research has shown that smoking increases the level of hormones that trigger hair loss. It also constricts the tiny blood vessels that bring blood to the scalp, depriving it of much needed nutrients. If you want to keep the hair on your head, better quit that bad habit now.

5. Protect your head from the sun. Apart from the fact that heat can make you hair brittle, sunburn actually causes your scalp to produce a compound called superoxide, which causes your hair follicles to switch from its growth phase to a shedding one.

6. Get a better haircut. Sometimes all it takes to get a thicker and better-looking mane is a good haircut. Some men think that growing their hair longer can make up for the thinning, when in fact longer hair can actually emphasise thinning by weighing your hair down. In these cases, a shorter cut is always more flattering. With the right cut your hair could look so much better and might even look thicker.

7. Consider colouring. If you’ve ever thought about changing your hair colour, now might be a good time to do it. Changing your hair colour can not only change your look, it can also give the appearance of thicker hair. Hair dyes can thicken hair strands and with the right shade can make the contrast between your hair and scalp less obvious, consequently making the thinning less obvious. Just be sure to have a professional stylist colour your hair for you and consult you on the right shade to use.

8. Make hair fuller with fibre. For hair that looks instantly thicker, try using a fibre hair thickener like BioTHIK hair fibres. These are made from natural keratin particles, the same type of protein that your hair is made of. These fibres statically cling to your existing hair and stay there, adding dramatic density and natural-looking coverage. It’s so easy to apply and won’t fall out even through wind, rain and exercise.

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