BioTHIK Hair Fibres – Secret to the Stars!

Celebrities and Hollywood makeup artists have long been using tricks and what some may even call elaborate allusions to create thicker, fuller looking hair - particular when under the harsh lights of a camera! Thinning hair seems to be becoming an epidemic in Hollywood, with more and more celebrities opening up about their hair loss and admitting to trying many things to hide their thinning hair.

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BioTHIK Hair Fibres are Hollywood's best kept secret, and their answer to instantly thicker, fuller looking hair. In the past hairdressers would trim someone's hair, sweep it up and then carefully place it back on top of the person's head in order to create thicker hair and conceal baldness. Luckily the hair loss industry has come a long way since then, particularly in terms of hair loss concealers such as BioTHIK!

Hair Fibres Conceal Jon Cryer's Thinning Hair

Even 'Two and a Half Men' star Jon Cryer as revealed his hair is an "elaborate illusion' and uses hair fibres to conceal his baldness.

Jon CryerJon Cryer

Transform Thinning Hair with BioTHIK Hair Fibres

BioTHIK Hair fibres are great for people with thinning hair as the result is instantaneous and dramatically reduces the appearance of hair loss, without the need for expensive, invasive, and sometimes painful hair loss treatments. BioTHIK clings to the existing strands of hair rather than colouring the scalp with often looks very artificial, and does nothing to increase the thickness of thinning hair.

BioTHIK Hair Fibres transform hair from thin to thick in 30 seconds - for someone who is experiencing thinning hair this just sounds too good to be true! Well, just take a look at this video if you don't believe us - see the amazing hair transformations right before your eyes!

BioTHIK is the real deal! Don't be fooled by imitation brands that won't give you the amazing results hair loss coverage you crave. Buy BioTHIK online today from our secure online store or call 1300 427 778 to book a free demo with your local stockist!


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