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We are the only company in Australia to offer all types of
hair loss treatment options and personalise each one
based on your individual needs and desires.


We are the only company in Australia to offer all types of
hair loss treatment options and personalise each one
based on your individual needs and desires.


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Women's Hair Loss Information

Attractiveness, health, social status and personality are among some of the important factors behind hair for many women. Losing hair can have a dramatic effect.

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Men's Hair
Loss Information

If you are experiencing hair loss, male pattern baldness or thinning hair, you are not alone!

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Nikki's Testimonial - Transitions Hair Group
Nick & Greg's Testimonial - Transitions Hair Group
Nick's Testimonial - Transitions Hair Group

Treatments for Hair Loss

Testimonials from some of our appreciative clients. Watch more videos here: Women : Men 

Let Transitions Hair help you feel better today with a range of hair loss treatments

Transitions is the most trusted hair replacement and restoration group in the world. We understand how much hair loss can affect your confidence and self esteem.  We are committed to providing a full range of hair restoration solutions to help you start feeling like yourself again.

Hair restoration options differ for men and women, we provide the latest up-to-the-minute  solutions for hair loss and thinning hair. We will assist with the process of reclaiming the look you desire - the one meant for you, one you love! It can be done, and we'll show you how.

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Effective hair loss treatment for women

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“Confidence, inspired by great hair can now be yours.”

A great head of hair is often very strongly linked with a woman’s sense of attractiveness and femininity and hair loss problems can take a heavy toll on their identity. The 6 Major Hair Restoration and Replacement techniques for women can help you target the restoration techniques that are right for your specific situation.

The Transitions women’s team has been specially trained to understand your needs.  You can expect to be received with compassion, care, confidentiality and understanding as we guide you to the best hair restoration solution for you. 

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Effective hair loss treatment for men

Slowly receding hairlines and thinning hair does not just have to be a fact of life for men anymore. There are many solutions for men to ensure they have a full head of hair for years to come, including:

Whether you are a man or woman experiencing the anxiety that hair loss brings, Transitions Hair can help find the most effective solution to your hair loss problem. Call 1300 427 778 to organise a free no obligation consultation available in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.