Women's Real Human Hair Wigs

Beautiful Real Human Hair Wigs

Beautiful Human Hair Wigs that look natural and undetectable

Recommended for medically induced hair loss, extreme diffuse thinning and Alopecia Areata, Totalis and Universalis.

Real human hair wigs are a great option for when instant results are required.

We recommend real human hair wigs for women experiencing:

  • Total hair loss
  • Advanced general thinning
  • Advanced Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Totalis/ Universalis
  • Telogen Effluvium
  • Women who are about to embark on medical treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

The most diverse range of realistic human hair wigs in Sydney, Australia

Our next generation wigs for women are of luxurious quality, look natural and can often look better than your own hair - they are very realistic looking wigs!

Over the last 25 years we have developed and curated four beautiful collections of human hair wigs.  They differ according to hair type, quality and price:

  • Platinum Collection – Enhanced European Hair – the most beautiful and luxurious hair in the world.  Silky, smooth & soft.
  • Gold Collection – Virgin European Hair (silky hair in it's original condition)
  • Silver Collection – European Textured Remy Hair
  • Bronze Collection – Remy Hair.

Not sure what type of hair will best suit your needs?  Get in touch.  Call us today on  Ph: 02 8091 4605 or fill out a web form for a free no obligation hair consultation.

Six reasons why our human hair wigs are the best:

After 25 years of creating and designing wigs, we know what our clients want.  These six features are the most important to the success of any wig:

  1. Hair Quality – each collection offers the best quality hair available according to their type (see above about our Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Collections)
  2. Natural & Undetectable Appearance – at the heart of a natural and realistic looking wig is the hairline and hair density.  We have perfected both.  Our wigs have a lighter density to replicate natural growing hair and use an advanced lace front technology to replicate your natural hairline.  We do all of this so you can feel confident. 
  3. Comfort – we use the latest fabric technology so they feel silky soft against your skin, lightweight & comfortable.  A wig that feels itchy and scratchy will not make it into our studio
  4. Breathability – all our wigs are exceptionally breathable to keep you cool!  They are designed to maximise the natural evaporative cooling effect upon the scalp, just the way nature intended. 
  5. Styling Ability – The quality and integrity of our human hair wigs allows you to style them as you would your own hair (blow dry, hot roller, hair straightener, etc), giving you total control over your look and style.   
  6. Sizing – We offer up to 7 different size in our wigs from XXXS - XL (most companies only offer one) because we know every head is different.  We also custom make wigs for people with hard to fit sizes!

We know these things are important to you, therefore, it’s important to us!

Call us today to arrange a time to come in and see our extensive range of realistic wigs for women Ph: 02 8091 4605

Our Wigs for Women Tailored to You - Full Service Salon

Not all wigs are created equal and Transitions Hair is not at all like your regular wig shop.

We are a full-service salon and offer a luxury salon experience.  For over 25 years we have been training and certifying our stylists in the art of customising wigs for women.  Having your wig personalised to suit your unique style is just the beginning of what we offer.  It’s no wonder we are the most trusted salon in Australia for human hair wig styling.

With every wig we offer:

  • Three-hour styling session with a master wig stylist to personalise your new hair
  • Free follow up visit if you require further customisation or help
  • Training and education - so you know exactly how to look after your new hair
  • Ongoing relationship – we offer full hair dressing services for your own bio-hair and your new hair.  We are here to give your hair the professional love and attention that it deserves.  We are you one stop, full service, luxury salon for added hair solutions.

No matter what option you choose, you can be assured that our beautiful range of wigs look natural and will make you feel like yourself again.  Call us today for a free no obligation hair consultation valued at $250 with one of our personal image consultants Ph: 02 8091 4605 (available in Sydney and New Zealand).

Beautiful blonde hair wigs by Transitions Hair

Compassionate Wig Experts - Consultation, Customisation & Care

Our certified wig experts take a consultative approach to your hair loss and wig selection.  We call this the three “C’s” approach – compassionate consultation, careful customisation and continuing care (that's really six c's if you count all of them : )  ).  Our consultants guide you through what can sometimes be a confronting situation. We take the time to understand any concerns, your specific needs and the look you want to create - all undertaken within a private, caring environment.  We are then able to make some recommendations for what will suit you best.

Custom Made or Predesigned Human Hair Wigs for Women?

This is a question that we are often asked - custom made or pre-designed wigs?  Honestly, 95% of women choose to have a predesigned wig because today they are the same in quality as a custom made wig but you can have them much faster.  

Custom-made wigs involve creating a contour analysis (moulding) which captures the exact curvature of your scalp to create a wig that fits you perfectly.  Hair type, hair colour and specific lifestyle requirements are all taken into consideration in the formation of your new hair.  However, due to this custom ordering, custom made wigs have a long delivery time - up to four months.   If you need your new hair quickly we’d recommend looking at a pre-designed wig.

Pre-designed real hair wigs for women are our most popular option.  They allow you to have the hair you want instantly!  These wigs are designed to be customised to complement your unique facial shape, facial features, head size and neck length, giving a more natural, desirable result.  They are available in up to seven different sizes (XXXS to XL), various hair lengths and an array of beautiful colours to create the natural look you want.

Once we have made the correct selection together, you will have your hair cut and styled by a master wig stylist so your new hair will look perfectly like you. This is a careful process, allowing three hours for each styling session to make sure your new hair looks beautiful and you are completely happy.

No matter what option you choose, you can be assured that our beautiful range of wigs look natural and will make you feel like yourself again.  Call us today for a free no obligation hair consultation valued at $250 with one of our personal image consultants Ph: 1300 427 778 (available in Sydney and New Zealand).

Medical Wigs - Enjoy living life again with our range of natural hair wigs


Human Hair Wigs for Chemotherapy & Radiation Treatment

For women experiencing hair loss from cancer or other medical treatments, the stigma of hair loss can be an added worry to already existing health concerns. We believe that helping them find the right wig can make the path a little easier.

Our clients say that the hair loss from medical treatment is often more confronting than the diagnosis itself, the hair loss makes it ‘very real’.  Such rapid hair loss is often very confronting for families too, so anything you can do to retain that sense of ‘regular life’ or ‘sameness’ helps everyone, family and patient, to recover together. Our realistic wigs for women allow you to retain that sense of everyday life.

Many of our clients from Australia and New Zealand tell us that having a full head of hair gives them a sense of privacy and dignity and empowers them to endure their treatments with greater self-assurance. When you look good, you feel good too.

We love seeing the positive impact our human hair wigs make to the lives of our clients. Take the first step towards the new ‘you’, call us today for a free private and confidential hair consultation (valued at $250.00) in our flagship Sydney Studio or have an in-home visit if you live in New Zealand. Ph: 02 8091 4605.

Click here to see more photo's in our Women's gallery of beautifully natural wigs

Popular options  other than human hair wigs

Crown Extensions (Topette) – are great for people with Androgenic Alopecia (AGA) or if your thinning hair is on the top and sides of your head. People often choose these because they are lighter, cooler, easier to style and more versatile for styling options. People particularly love that you can see more of your own hair making them perfect for upstyles and pony tails.
Sensigraft – is particularly good for women with significant thinning or radiotherapy on your scalp or permanent continuing patches of alopecia. Women love Sensigraft because it is solution that replicates your own hair and scalp, and is undetectable by sight or touch. The also love that aren’t to be reminded of your thinning hair on a day by day basis.

Your next steps:

We are here to help.  Call us today and have a chat with one of our qualified consultants.  They will be able to answer many of your questions over the phone. Even better, come in for a free hair consultation where we can meet with you face–to-face and answer all of your questions.  Call today Ph: 02 8091 4605

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Free Consultation

We believe that an important first step in overcoming your hair loss, is to get access to the right information. Our free, private consultation is the most effective way to clarify a myriad of overwhelming and confusing information and advice that is out there.

Free Consultation

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