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"I absolutely LOVE my Crown Extension, I just wanted to let you know that coming over to see you and the rest of the team at Transitions was the BEST thing I could have done. I absolutely LOVE my Crown Extension and I have received so many compliments about my hair since having it. It has really boosted my confidence and self esteem over the past 9 months and I cannot thank you enough for that."


For women experiencing hair loss, Follea’s unique Topette® Crown Extensions provide the opportunity to create a glamorous look, with perfect hair-replication and volume-enhancing choices. The Topette® is a core part of the Topette® Crown Extension method, specifically designed for women struggling with thin or fine hair.

Designed to add hair coverage, volume and length, Follea Topette® hairpieces can successfully restore a full head of hair for women wanting to overcome fine or thinning hair, without causing extra stress or damage. In fact,they can be used to protect your hair from the stress related to styling or lifestyle, or simply to create intricate, glamourous hair styles with the help of extra hair.

Light and easy to wear, the Topette® is a hairpiece positioned on the top of the head, similar to what many people know as hairpieces, top pieces, human hair toppers, postiches, and top hair. The Follea difference, however, is the superior range of the finest hair available and cutting-edge, application-specific designs.

Two Main Options for Follea Topette Crown Extensions:

1.  Chic Collection - Premium European Remy Hair Extensions, Hidden knotting, the most Natural hair to scalp appearance available

The Chic Topette Crown Extension is the premium end of Follea’s added hair solutions - and the most popular.  The Chic collection offers Follea’s beautiful premium European hair, called European remy hair. This means the hair has the cuticle intact giving it light reflective qualities, producing an unmatched shine and lustre. We affectionately liken it to ‘shampoo ad’ quality hair.  When you see and feel this hair you will understand instantly why Follea hair is famous for producing ‘nature’s most beautiful hair’.

The Chic Topette® Crown Extensions set the benchmark for a natural scalp like appearance.  Designed with a hidden-knot French top, the Lifestyle Topette® European Hair Extensions produce a parting that is indistinguishable from a natural part. The hair is multi-directional allowing you to style the hair anyway you wish and create a vast range of looks.

The Chic Topette® Remy Hair Extensions are available in two hair lengths; 10” (25cm) layers and 14” (35cm) layers. Once people have seen and experienced the Lifestyle, they very rarely want anything less.  

2.  Style Collection - Premium Processed European Hair Crown Extensions

The Style Collection Topette Crown Extensions are super light, light-medium hair density to replicate the hair density suitable for most women experieincing hair loss.  They are perfect for the woman who only wishes to add a little thickness and fullness to their own hair. You can expect them to add about an extra 20% volume to your own hair.

The Style Collection is Follea’s mid-priced Topette Crown Extension.  It is created from an silk top, with returns for added volume.  It uses Follea’s gently processed European hair for a stunning replication of your own hair in better days.  They are available in three hair lengths:  8" layers, 12" layers or 16" layers. unique models, which offer different looks and application options and a range of sizes.  They are available in models which can be clipped in or bonded to your own hair.

The Style Collection Topette Crown extensions make a good entry point to the world of added hair solutions for women with Androgenetic Alopecia, thinning hair, or for women who just want a little more.

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We believe that an important first step in overcoming your hair loss, is to get access to the right information. Our free, private consultation is the most effective way to clarify a myriad of overwhelming and confusing information and advice that is out there.

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