Follea Gripper™ Wigs

Hair solutions for Alopecians, by Alopecians

Are you currently experiencing Alopecia? If so, Follea Gripper Wigs may be for you. Just take a look at what some of our satisfied clients had to say about their experience with Follea:

Human Hair wigs created by Alopecians for Alopecians

Follea has pioneered a revolutionary product line for women with little or no hair. Essentially it is designed for Alopecians by Alopecians who understand the unique challenges that comes with Alopecia. At the core of this is product line is the FolleaGripper™ Wigs.

The journey and development of the Gripper product line is something Follea are particularly passionate about, investing a great deal in product research and consumer feedback.  They continue to innovate and make changes to the design and fit, recently developing series of prototype Gripper caps that were comfortable, secure, light, breathable, natural, beautiful, and affordable.

From the quickly growing popularity it is clear that Follea Gripper™ wigs were the next generation of wigs for women with alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, and alopecia universalis.

"I would have to say that the Follea Gripper Wig is the best piece I have ever purchased. I have owned synthetic hair, human hair lace, virgin human hair silicone vacuum wigs and last but not least the Gripper Sport by Follea. The Gripper is truly my favourite out of them all. I'M FREAKEN IN LOVE!!!"

The wish list for the ultimate human hair wig for Alopecia:

What became quickly apparent through Follea’s research, is Alopecians wanted the following qualities in a wig:

Wish #1:  Alopecians wanted a wig that did not require glue or tapes to secure them in place, yet was secure. 

Solution: Follea solved this problem by creating the Gripper Wigs.  They are secured in place with medical-grade silicone panels which grip to the scalp.  Made in a very tactile material, Gripper Wigs are very comfortable and soft on the scalp.  They grip strongly to the scalp so you can be confident in any situation- whether it is high wind, playing sport, or any other activity (one client even completed a 10km mud run/obstacle course in her Gripper wig with no problems).  


Wish #2:  Alopecians wanted a wig that was cool, breathable and light compared to what was currently available on the market.

Solution: Follea chose materials that would be both cool, comfortable and maximize air flow for the cooling effects of evaporation and the ability to have the wind cool the scalp. The Gripper wig ­achieves this level of comfort through  a dual-layered lace top and the creation of the Soft-fit™ Gripper back.  The dual layered lace top helps to wick moisture away from the scalp and prevents hair inversion allowing maximum air flow with total comfort.  Our clients often share how they feel the wind on their scalp and enjoy the sensation of the rain on their scalp. 


Wish #3: Alopecians wanted high quality hair that was soft and just like their own hair was before, if not better. 

Solution : Follea is famous for it’s high-quality European ponytail hair. Likewise,  the Gripper is gently hand processed, preserving the unique natural quality of each and every strand.  The hair looks and behaves just like your own hair does and truly is ‘nature’s most beautiful hair’. 

Wish #4: A natural and undetectable hairline

Solution: Follea uses a fine, yet durable, lace front.  This creates a very natural hairline sitting flat to the scalp without the need for lace tapes or glues. 


Wish #5:  Alopecians wanted a high quality, custom made fit, without having to wait months and months for their wig (especially as Alopecia can have a rapid and extensive onset). 

Solution: Follea have created five different base sizes that fit most people, ranging from XXS – L.  We keep the most popular base sizes in stock.  This means that most people can have the benefit of having their high quality wig in weeks rather than months (sometimes even in days!).


The Follea Gripper™ Wig - The Complete Range

Again, Follea offer a great range of choice at luxurious quality, all gently processed and made from beautiful European hair. The range includes:

Gripper Lite:   The Gripper-2 Cool offers a secure, undetectable solution, featuring a hand-tied silk top, with temple to temple open lace-front to create the perfect hairline.  You can now wear your hair off your face with total confidence.... and have a lot of fun with it!  Around the sides and back it is completely hand tied with an additional interal silk liner for maximum comfort and soft touch on the scalp.  This silk liner wicks away moisture on the scalp - something very important on those warmer days to keep you cooler! - and prevents hair inversion.  This all new hand tied construction has taken the “hairdryer test” to brand new levels!  The hair dryer test is when you force hair to the back of the head with a hair dryer to see what the wig looks like and feels like.  The new Gripper Lite marvellouslys replicates the natural look of the scalp, each hair appears like it is growing out of the scalp, even in the strongest of winds!  This new hair implantation process also aids breathability and coolness to the scalp.  Wearing a wig has never been more comfortable!

Gripper Actif: The extraordinary new Gripper Actif is even more ‘grippy’ thanks to the added silicone strips around the sided and back of the wig.  Gripper Actif is perfect  for professional or amateur athletes who want the confidence of a natural hairline.

Your next steps:

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We believe that an important first step in overcoming your hair loss, is to get access to the right information. Our free, private consultation is the most effective way to clarify a myriad of overwhelming and confusing information and advice that is out there.

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