Regrow & Retain Hair with Laser Hair Therapy - Natural Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Are you showing signs of thinning hair? Hair receding at the temples? Is your front hairline becoming sparser or your scalp becoming more visible?

If your hair situation is on your mind and troubling you more than you’d like, it's time to make a change. Take action. Do something about it! Don't let it affect your self-confidence any longer. 

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Hair regrowth with Laser hair Therapy - Transitions Hair

Laser therapy is an effective solution that could be the answer to your thinning hair problems. It is an evidence based, clinically tested and proven, non-drug hair loss treatment for men that has improved significantly over the years thanks to the constant development of laser technology. With laser therapy you don’t get a temporary or artificial fix to hair loss and thinning hair. What you get is your own, natural hair growing again and growing stronger than ever.

In conjunction with stem cell treatment that can be done conveniently in your own home, laser hair therapy can effectively reverse thinning hair, stimulate new hair growth, and strengthen growing hair. With continuous use, you can regain and retain a full head of hair. The results speak for themselves - over 90% experienced hair regrowth with no negative side effects.**

Six Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

laser therapy treats hair lossbenefits of laser hair therapy

How Low Level Laser Therapy works

Watch this video and learn about laser hair regrowth and retention therapy:

Decades of research have determined exactly why low level laser hair therapy is effective in promoting hair regrowth:

  • Stimulating hair follicles: The laser light used emits a specific wavelength of 650nm. This wavelength has been clinically shown to treat thinning hair and promote hair regrowth as it increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Studies have shown that ATP is what stimulates cell activity within the hair follicle, promoting hair growth.
  • Encouraging blood circulation to the scalp: Laser light also emits an energy that encourages better blood flow to the scalp. This not only reverses the effects of poor blood flow but also encourages the growth of healthier hair follicles and helps to remove harmful elements such as DHT, the hormone which causes hair loss and miniaturisation.
  • Low level laser light has been scientifically proven to extend the growth phase of hair (anagen phase), restoring your natural, healthy hair cycle and producing a fuller head of hair for longer.

Laser phototherapy promotes hair growth in more ways than one, and numerous scientific studies have proven this time and again. These findings are further supported by the many individuals who have tried and experienced firsthand the effectiveness of laser light therapy in renewing hair growth.

Proven Results, Evidence based, Clinically tested - Laser hair therapy:

Low Level Laser hair therapy (LLLT) is a clinically proven hair loss treatment, backed by over two decades of research. 

Double blind trials were conducted at 7 different dermatological centres with over 460 participants. 

The results from these clinical tests are:

  • 93% of men increased the number of counted hairs
  • 21.5 new additional hairs p/cm2 (average results)after 26 weeks.
  • 149 new counted hairs p/square inch
  • 85% of participants showed a stopping of further hair loss after 26 weeks.
  • 15% increase in counted hairs in 56% of participants
  • 54% increase in blood supply to scalp after only one session
  • Increased speed of hair growth
  • Increased hair strength and reduced hair breakage
  • Fuller, thicker hair
  • No negative side effects or discomfort discovered

Doctor Recommended for hair growth for male pattern baldness

"I recommend HairMax to my patients who are looking to reverse the thinning process.”

Sonia Batra, MD
Chief Residency in Dermatology at Stanford University School of Medicine

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Before & After Photos of Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair regrowth therapy - Transitions hair Laser hair regrowth therapy results

Hair loss treatment - Laser hair therapy by Transitions Hair

Macro picture of laser hair therapy results

Our laser hair loss treatment produced the following results as seen in the photos above:

  • Dormant follicles revived
  • Single hair follicles became double & triple hair follicles (where there was only one hair, now there are two or three)
  • Increased Density, thicker appearance
  • Wispy fine hairs became thicker, stronger hairs

Convenient & Easy to use in the Privacy of your Home

Hair laser therapy is now easier than ever before.  There is no need to come in to our hair centre for tri-weekly treatments, you can do it at home. 

Hair max Laserband 82Hairmax Laserband 41

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Enhance results with the Power of Folliplus Hair Growth Serum for Hair Growth

BioTHIK stem cell serum treatment for hair growth

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Today there are more non-drug, non-pharmaceutical options for hair growth than ever before.  Stem Cell serums are a science based option to assist with hair growth.  It is the perfect companion to your laser hair therapy program. 

Scientific studies have shown ingredients used in BioTHIK stem cell serum:

  • Activate Stem cells - Natural Pea Peptides are a stem cell activator
  • Fight against male pattern baldness (inhibits TGF - B1 in dermal papilla cells)
  • Promote hair growth (keep hair in the growth phase for longer)
  • Reduce hair loss

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Post Hair Transplant Laser Therapy

Laser hair treatments have proven to be so successful at increasing the rate of hair regrowth after a hair transplant, that we now include 3 months FREE laser therapy with each hair transplant. The hair laser increases the blood supply to the scalp by up to 54% after just one session, speeding the rate of recovery and healing of the hair transplant. It also increases the speed of hair regrowth. It is our experience that the newly transplanted hairs will grow approximately twice as fast with laser hair treatments. Clients may also wish to continue using hair regrowth treatments for men after the hair transplant (such as Rogaine, Regaine or Minoxidil) to help keep the original hair intact as long as possible.

Buy your own portable hair laser online today!

Use it in the comfort of your own home and see the healing difference it can make.  Just 3 sessions per week can speed your hair growth and recovery! 

Need further information about which laser to purchase? Or simply want to know more about our solutions that encourage hair growth for men?

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** based upon seven clinical studies and 460 participants of men and women

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We believe that an important first step in overcoming your hair loss, is to get access to the right information. Our free, private consultation is the most effective way to clarify a myriad of overwhelming and confusing information and advice that is out there.

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