Real men, Great results

Real men, Great results

We believe that an important first step in overcoming your hair loss, is to get access to the right information.

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Male Hair Loss Treatments & Solutions

Today there are a multitude of genuine hair loss restoration treatments available in Australia.

These solutions can be categorised broadly under four headings: Hair loss concealer (hair fibers), SensiGraft, Laser Hair Retention Therapy, and Hair Transplants. Each hair loss solution for men has its merits; the success of the chosen hair restoration procedure depends largely upon your hair loss situation and your expectations.

Free, private studio consultations are available on request in Sydney. Our accredited consultants will suggest comprehensive details on how to achieve your personal needs and preferences. This service is free and totally without obligation.

The quick link guide below lists our available hair loss treatments for men. But we strongly recommend you take advantage of a free consultation - the only way to genuinely determine which hair loss treatment is right for you.

Studio consultations are now available in Sydney, with video consultations available for other locations throughout Australia. Call 1300 427 778 today.

Choose from four proven hair enhancement options

We offer solutions for every type and level of hair loss. These solutions cover:
Hair Regrowth & Hair Retention, Non-surgical Hair Replacement & Surgical Hair Restoration.
1 Hair Loss Concealer - BioTHIK Hair Fibres

BioTHIK Hair Fibres are a breakthrough solution for thinning hair and hair loss as it gives you the look of thicker, fuller hair in just 30 seconds! BioTHIK Hair Fibres are made up of microscopic natural keratin protein, the same protein that makes up your own hair. These fibres cling and seamlessly blend into your own hair, hiding bald spots and receding areas instantly, and giving you the look of dramatic density and volume.

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2 SensiGraft ®

SensiGraft is a groundbreaking hair restoration technique that bridges the gap between surgical hair transplants and typical hair replacement procedures. Researched and developed over two decades by the Transitions research teams, it is totally non-surgical yet natural-looking and undetectable, even by touch!

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3 Laser Hair Retention Therapy

Recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, Laser hair retention therapy has proven to be effective in promoting hair growth in males suffering from male pattern baldness. We utilize the latest hair lasers in combination with other apparatus and proven procedures to ensure the optimal environment for hair growth, and the best results for you.

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4 Hair Transplants

A hair loss solution that has recently grown in popularity, hair transplants utilize your own, growing hair in order to cover thinning or bald areas. Individual hair follicles are collected and relocated to other areas of your head. This results in natural, growing hair that requires no additional maintenance apart from your usual hair care routine. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplants however, and a screening process is necessary.

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We believe that an important first step in overcoming your hair loss, is to get access to the right information. Our free, private consultation is the most effective way to clarify a myriad of overwhelming and confusing information and advice that is out there.

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