Your Man Bun could be the Hair Loss Culprit!


An extremely popular hair style for men these days, it can be seen on the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Harry Styles. However, the man bun, essentially an extremely tight ponytail can cause traction alopecia, effecting the hairline of men who sport this look.

After prolonged pulling at the roots, they will become damaged and the hair will cease to grow, this is when bald patches, generally around the forehead and the temples will appear.

Hairstyles causing traction alopecia is not an uncommon issue, with many women suffering after extended use of extensions, wefts, braids and clip-ins. Similarly, it is a common issue amongst people of African descent. African hair is more fragile than Asian or European hair; it is tight and curly and has a thinner diameter. Hairstyles commonly used to control the hair, for example, braiding can be particularly damaging the follicle.


In order to halt the progression of hair loss, you must redistribute the tension in the hair. This can be achieved by switching up hairstyles and by brushing out the hair frequently. Unfortunately a return to normal may not be possible for those who have early androgenetic alopecia, or have developed scarring from prolonged traction.

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If you or a loved one is suffering from traction or androgenetic alopecia, there are many solutions to restore the hair. If you would like more information on the various hair loss solutions that we offer at Transitions Hair, please come in for an obligation free and confidential consultation with one of hair loss consultants. Alternatively, feel free to phone on 1300 427 778.

Photo via Flickr - Vagueonthehow