Wigs for Alopecia: The Future of Suction or Vacuum Wigs.

We don't usually make predictions of the future, but when we see new technology emerging that makes good practical sense with multiple benefits to its users........ the writing is on the wall.

We are predicting that suction wigs or vacuum wigs will soon become a thing of the past and 'gripper' wigs will take over.

A little about Suction wigs.

We first became acquainted with Suction wigs about 15 years ago. For their time, they were an excellent new wig and hair replacement technology. Suction wigs have been popular with many sufferers of Alopecia Areata and especially Alopecia Totalis and Universalis. The reason for their popularity lies their adhesion process to the scalp. Suction wigs don't require double sided tapes to hold them to the scalp, rather they 'suck' onto the head. This is achieved through a base material made from thick silicone that is moulded to the shape of the scalp. When fitted, it creates a vacuum seal and holding the wig onto the scalp.

The good points of Suctions wigs are -

  • no tape
  • natural scalp like appearance
  • hair drapes and behaves well when implanted correctly.
  • Durability - they are known to last a long time if treated well

However, like most things there are negatives.

The bad points of Suction wigs are -

  • Heat - they can be hot to wear because heat cannot escape from the scalp throught the silicone base.
  • Don't Breathe - often people complain they feel 'clammy' as they don't allow for the evaporation of perspiration from the scalp
  • Cannot feel the wind and rain on your scalp due to the complete silicone base (although, some people may like this attribute)
  • Unnatural hair line - they struggle to create a natural hair line due to the thickness of the base
  • Heavy - the thick silicone base is heavy on the scalp and some clients have noted they cause migraines

NEW - Introducing Gripper Wigs

Gripper wigs are the next generation of Suction wigs. They overcome the negatives of the old technology. They breathe, they are light, they can create a natural hair line and finally - they don't need adhesive to bond them to the scalp. The don't 'suck', they 'grip'.

Gripper wigs incorporate the best of mono top wigs and suction wigs. They utilise a new proprietary silicone that grips to the scalp. This silicone is incorporated into the design of the mono top wig, mainly around the edges and a couple of strips throughout the sides and back. The grip and adhesion is so strong (on a correctly fitted wig) that girls have been known to do the most agressive hip hop dancing and it remains firmly in place. The gripper technology allows us to use a lace front on them, which is universally the best way to create a natural hair line. Due to the fit of the wig, there is usually no need to use an adhesive on the lace, preserving both the integrity of the lace and the time of the user.

For these reasons, we believe that we will see the eventual end of suction wigs (except for in cold climates) and gripper wigs will be the next new revolution in wig technology.

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