Which Hair Replacement option is Right for me?


So far in our series of blog posts on hair replacement we have talked about what is hair replacement, as well as surgical vs non-surgical hair replacement. Hopefully by now you have gained a better understanding of this somewhat broad topic; however you may still be wondering - which hair replacement option is right for me? Well we'll be looking at that very question in today's post, but keep in mind this is just a rough guide - the best thing to do is come in and meet with one of our qualified hair replacement specialists who can assess your hair and find the best hair replacement option for you!

I have thinning hair

Topette Crown Extensions

Topette Crown Extensions are a fantastic hair replacement option for female hair loss; particularly thinning hair through your part. This form of hair replacement is perfect because it adds hair where you need it most! Without the damaging effect that regular hair extensions can have on your hair.

I have a receding hair line

Hair Transplant Surgery

Surgical hair replacement is a great option for the right candidate as it can have a significant impact on the person's hair and confidence! This option often suits men with receding hair lines, who are experiencing hair loss at the front of their scalp. This form of hair replacement requires you to have enough good hair left that then becomes the 'donor hair' so is most appropriate for less extensive to moderate thinning hair.

I have bald patches

Sensigraft Hair Technology

Sensigraft is a non-surgical grafting hair replacement system suited to both men and women with moderate to severe hair loss; particularly those who have lost patches of hair on their scalp. Sensigraft successfully bridges the gap between surgical and more conventional types of hair replacement.

I have lost all my hair

Human Hair Wigs

If you are experiencing severe or total hair loss then a human hair wig is the perfect hair replacement solution when instant results are required. The appeal of human hair wigs lies in their beautiful, natural looking appearance as well as secure comfort and breathability.

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