What is Prince Harry doing to Treat Hair Loss?


Many people are wondering what Prince Harry is doing to combat hair loss.

While his hair does seem to be showing the early signs of male pattern baldness it seems to be occurring at a much slower rate than older brother Prince William! Prince William has been seen with a rapidly receding hairline for many years now and for a while, it seemed that Harry had dodged the bullet! But recently the young Prince has been seen with an expanding bald patch at the top of his head known as 'crown vertex thinning'; a classic indicator of male pattern baldness.

Prince Harry has reportedly been seeking natural solutions to his hair loss condition in order to slow down the inevitable, including increasing his dietary intake of vitamins and minerals. Those close to him are even suggesting that he is trusting the high alkaline content of asparagus to encourage new hair growth.

Can asparagus be used as a hair loss treatment?

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, there is no clear evidence to date that eating a lot of asparagus will promote hair growth. There is however a clear link between a healthy diet and hair loss so he is at least on the right track!

Diet is a great place to start, not just for healthy hair but for a healthy life! But the problem with male Pattern Baldness is that it is a genetic disorder that while diet may restore shine, it will not reverse hair loss. Male Pattern baldness is caused by the hormone testosterone being converted into a secondary compound known as DHT rather than a nutritional definitely. The DHT attacks hair follicles in the scalp which then leads to this kind of hair loss.

So How Can I Restore my Hair?

Hair regrowth can still be influenced by diet, so establishing a healthy diet is still vital when it comes to hair loss! However diet cannot prevent or cease genetic hair loss. The best way to restore your hair is to seek professional advice; from a doctor and also a hair loss specialist.  Alongside a nutritious diet, effective hair restoration is possible with the right help!

Male Pattern Baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia and the only way to stop the hair loss that results from this condition is to prevent the production of DHT - something that asparagus nor any nutrient found in foods has been shown to do. Consult your doctor on how to stop hair loss and then consult the experts in hair restoration - Transitions Hair.

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