What is Hair Replacement?

Hair replacement offers solutions for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss. But what exactly is hair replacement? We'll be talking a fair bit about hair replacement in the coming weeks and will hopefully answer all your questions about this often very broad term. Hair replacement encompasses a variety of different hair loss solutions and has been around for centuries. Hair replacement can come in many forms from wigs, crown extensions, top pieces, hair transplants and non-surgical grafting. Nowadays, hair replacement can be divided into two categories: surgical and non-surgical; which we will compare in future posts.

History of Hair Replacement

The pages of history are dotted with tales of baldness, hair loss and thinning hair. As such over the years hundreds of cures and cover ups have been invented in an attempt to restore hair to its former glory.

Hair replacement techniques date bate to the use of wigs in Ancient Egypt. The earliest Egyptian wigs were made from human hair, but cheaper alternatives such as palm leaf fibres and wool were very commonly used. However they were not used as a form of hair replacement as such; rather they represented rank, social status and religious piety and were used as protection against the sun.

The seventeenth century saw the complete resurgence of the wig and it became the height of fashion for both men and women. The ascendance of Louis XIV to the French throne was a pivotal moment in the history of hair replacement as the King supplemented his thinning hair with false pieces. Eventually Louis XIV opted for shaving the little hair he had left and wore a full wig instead. Courtiers and other aristocrats immediately copied the King. They sported wigs, and the style trickled down to the upper-middle class; and with that, Europe's newest fad was born.

history of hair replacement

Hair Replacement in the Present Day

With technological advances, the hair replacement industry in the modern day has boomed, with innovative ways to replace and restore hair constantly developing. As mentioned earlier, the two main categories that hair replacement can be divided into are surgical and non-surgical. Transitions Hair offers superior solutions in both these categories as well as other hair restoration solutions. Click here to book a free confidential consultation with one of our hair replacement specialists to restore your crowning glory. Alternatively you can call 1300 427 778 to book an appointment over the phone.

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