What Happens when you donate your Hair to ‘Wigs for Kids’

Wigs for Kids

Bridget suffers from alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. This gorgeous little girl gets a new wig made from donated hair so she can feel like a regular kid. We’ve all probably heard of people who cut of their hair to “donate”, but how many people out there actually know what that process involves, or what happens to the hair on its journey from one head to another? In the video below, one woman, Hannah, donates 12 inches of her hair we see little Bridget get a fabulous new wig that makes her look even more adorable. 

The process involved in turning the hair that is cut off into a wig is a surprisingly complicated process that involves sorting the all the hair donations, preparing the hair and stitching the hair onto a custom made cap for the individuals head. And according to the video, this intricate work is all done by hand – one strand at a time! All the hair gets brushed, treated, and blended with other similarly-coloured hair, so the resulting wigs look as close to natural hair as possible. It takes between 20 and 30 ponytails to make one wig. 

‘Wigs for Kids’ is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1981 which, as the name would imply, aims to help children who are suffering from hair loss by hooking them up with beautiful wigs. One of the reasons that hairdresser and founder of Wigs for Kids Jeffrey Paul started up the organisation was his 15-year-old niece who developed leukaemia and was devastated to lose her hair to due to the chemotherapy treatments. Since its inception, Wigs for Kids has helps more than 100 children every year who have lost their hair due to alopecia or other medical related hair loss.

How do I donate my hair?

Here at Transitions Hair, we would love for you to help others by donating your hair.  Here are some guidelines to follow if you want to donate your locks:

  • You must have a minimum 12 inches of good quality hair to cut off.
  • It must not be permed or colour-treated.
  • Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you send it (wet hair can gather mould and what kind of monster gives a child their mouldy hair?).
  • The hair must be get kept in the same direction, from root to tip (if the hair is not going in the same direction it will cause the hair to tangle when turned into a wig, making it unusable).  The easy way to do this is to make small pony tails across your head, 'tie' them off and then cut them.  Please use a rubber band to tightly tie the hair at each end. 

So if you meet these guidelines, all you need to do is make the chop, send it off – too easy!

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For more information about donating your hair, or if you are looking for a human hair wig for yourself or your child you can come in for a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists. Call 1300 427 778.