Traditional Hair Extensions Leading to Balding in Young Women

Traction Alopecia

Users of traditional hair extensions are literally pulling their hair out with despair, unaware that tailored, gentler and more realistic hair loss solutions are available.

Sufferers of female hair loss will know the paranoia that comes with trying to convince the world that they have a healthy head of hair. Prompted by months of worry, many women are tragically driven to attempt to hide their hair loss problem by attaching weighty false tresses to their already weak hair.

Hair Extensions Causing Traction Alopecia

In a heartbreaking and ironic twist, it appears that the use of poor quality hair extensions, many women’s bids to maintain hair, is actually exacerbating hair loss. Confirming this vicious cycle, hair surgeon Mabroor Bhatty of Transform Cosmetic Surgery, revealed that traditional hair extensions drastically aggravate hair loss and spot balding. Warning against using such extensions, Bhatty explains how the pull from the weight of the extensions themselves create tension in the hair follicle, resulting in patchy and severe hair loss as the natural hair is simply unable to bear the strain. Known as ‘traction alopecia’, this dermatological disorder is both painful for the scalp, and distressing to the woman.

An Alternative to Traditional Hair Extensions

However, there is hope for women living with hair loss and interested in hair extensions, especially for increasing hair density and length along the crown and part. Made specifically for women experiencing hair loss, Topette Crown Extensions successfully avoid excess pulling on delicate hair follicles, whilst still adding length and thickness to hair. Unlike traditional hair extensions, these topettes look seamlessly natural. Many women express their concerns that their traditional hair extensions are not wholly convincing, as thinning along the crown and part still give away their hair loss problem. Addressing this issue, crown extensions create the natural appearance of hair growing from the scalp whilst also adding a seamless natural density along the crown and part.  This undetectable look is achieved through the use of a transparent lace matrix contoured to the shape and size of the scalp where said thinning is occurring. Individual hairs are implanted one strand at a time into the lace matrix to avoid the awkward lumps and bumps that come with inferior hair extensions.

Topette Crown Extensions offer a far superior alternative to traditional hair extensions, giving the wearer confidence, comfort and a more convincing natural look. To read more about the securing system and tailored design of topettes, as well as hear testimonials from Transitions clients with topettes click here. You can also call us on 1300 427 778 to book a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.