Tips on How to get Thicker Hair for Men

Our Guide for Thicker Hair for Men

As we get older, our body goes through changes and our hair is no different. But hair loss can be a long and confidence-sapping process that many men will have to endure. 

By age 35, around 66 percent of men will have experienced some degree of hair loss. All men will experience some hair thinning during their lifetime, but for some, this happens more quickly and is more extreme than others. 

If your hair is thinning, the good news is that there are steps you can take to tackle the problem—you don’t have to sit back and watch your hair disappear any longer.

man experiencing hair loss

Here are our top tips for how to get thicker hair for men.

What causes hair thinning in men?

Thinning hair in men is primarily due to biological factors, but lifestyle choices can also play a part. One of the genetic reasons for hair loss in men is a reduced ability to produce testosterone.  As the male body breaks down testosterone, it changes into the compound DHT, shrinking your hair follicles and shortening your hair’s growth cycle. Over time this can cause your hair to be slow to regrow and more prone to breakage—symptoms of the onset of male pattern baldness. 

There are also some common lifestyle factors that can cause thinning hair:

  • Having a poor diet 
  • Using the wrong hair care products 
  • Some medications
  • Smoking

Thicken men's hair naturally with these tips

While there’s no way to reverse the ageing process (yet), the emergence of a receding hairline or a bald spot doesn’t necessarily mean ‘game over’ for your hair. So, before you freak out and start pulling out your locks, read these tips below on how to get thicker hair. 

Choose the right hair care products

mens hair care products

Keeping your hair and scalp clean with good quality products helps your hair look its best. Greasy hair lies flat on your head, emphasising thinning, while having a dirty scalp can inhibit new hair growth. 

Try washing with a good thickening or volumising shampoo and conditioner, applying the conditioner more on the ends of your hair—not your scalp. Avoid heavy styling products like waxes and gels, which weigh your hair down. Mousses and sprays will provide much more volume and keep your hair looking thick and rich.

Dry carefully

Wet hair is weak hair and breaks more easily. Be careful when drying your hair— avoiding vigorous rubbing with a towel—instead gently pat it dry, or if you have time, allow it to dry naturally. 

Say goodbye to the comb

Combing separates the strands in your hair, making it look thinner and lacking in volume. Although brushes are better at increasing volume, they also cause friction that can snap your hair. The best option for a glorious mane is to
use your fingers. 

Style gently 

Styling your hair gently with your fingers is one of the best ways to avoid breaking it.  If you use a hairdryer, avoid applying too much heat as this can weaken your hair. If you need to use heat for volume, start at a low temperature and increase gradually rather than beginning with a hot blast. 

Add more mineral-rich foods to your diet

Foods high in Iron, Zinc and B12 help stimulate healthy hair. Stocking your fridge with leafy greens, avocados, and nuts will help you on your way to thicker hair. Animal proteins such as fish and red meat are packed full of B12, which also help promote hair growth.  

healthy diet

Stop smoking

Looking for another reason to kick the habit? Consider your hair. Research shows that smoking increases the production of hormones that promote hair loss and prevents vital nutrients from reaching your scalp, which stops hair from growing. 

Protect your head from the sun

Excessive heat from the sun can make your hair brittle, and the effects on your hair are even worse if you get sunburnt. Sunburn causes your scalp to produce a compound called superoxide, which inhibits your follicles’ ability to grow hair, switching your hair from a growth phase into a shedding phase. 

Get a better haircut

Some men believe that growing their hair out can help disguise thinning, but this usually just results in a lot of lifeless, wispy hair. Long hair is heavier, which can weigh down on your scalp and emphasise the thinning. A shorter haircut is always more flattering and can even help to make your hair appear thicker. Check out our blog post on the best hairstyles for thin hair.

mens haircut

Consider colouring

Hair dyes actually thicken hair strands, and a well-chosen colour will reduce the contrast between your scalp and your hair, giving your hair a thicker, fuller look. For best results, it’s always best to consult a specialist when considering a hair colouring treatment.

How Transitions Hair can help you

Thanks to modern research and technology, there are more ways to mitigate and prevent hair loss than ever before. 

Transitions Hair offers a full range of cutting edge hair loss treatments for men, so whatever stage of your hair loss journey you’re at, we can help you turn things around and get you back to your confident best.

Get thicker-looking hair in an instant with BioTHIK Hair Fibre

BioTHIK hair loss concealer is easy to use and provides richer, thicker-looking hair in just 30 seconds—no surgery or expensive procedures required. This product is made with keratin, the same natural protein your hair is made up of, so it blends seamlessly with your hair for that movie star look, without the high price tag.

Regrow your hair with Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is an evidence-based, clinically-tested hair retention and regrowth treatment that stimulates new hair growth and reverses the effects of thinning hair, leaving you full of confidence and a fuller head of hair. This solution is ideal for men with early-stage hair loss.

Enjoy a thicker, natural look with SensiGraft ®

A modern marvel, SensiGraft® bridges the gap between non-surgical and surgical hair loss treatments. Hair restored through the non-surgical SensiGraft hair replacement process is so natural looking that others will never be able to spot it—even under close visual inspection or touching, SensiGraft hair appears totally natural. 

Bring back a full head of hair with hair transplants

With no ongoing maintenance required, a hair transplant can be the ultimate long-lasting hair loss solution. You can enjoy thick, full locks of your own hair for years to come and be confident in any situation because you’re looking your best. Enquire today to speak to a Transitions Hair expert consultant about whether this solution is right for you.

Final thoughts

With proper care, good lifestyle choices, and the option to give your hair a new lease of life with Transitions Hair’s advanced treatments, hair loss doesn’t have to be a daily burden in your life any longer. Book your free hair loss consultation today to enjoy a private, personalised consultation to find the best solution for you.