Thinking Naturally for Healthy Hair


Hair loss, as plenty of women and men come to discover, is far more common than most imagine, yet no less stressful for that. While some medical hair loss treatments may assist, there is unfortunately no magic natural cure. Thinking naturally is a good idea however, to help keep your hair as healthy as possible and improve its appearance.

Taking a natural approach

There are plenty of people who believe a natural approach to your hair – and overall health – is the best approach. A balanced diet and regular exercise may help you look and feel good, and we all know that when it comes to food, fresh rather than processed is preferable.  A healthy diet rich in nutrients and vitamins and plenty of water may also have positive benefits for your skin and hair.

As noted by the US Office on Women’s Health, keeping hair in top condition involves a healthy lifestyle and good haircare. Regular washing is recommended but it doesn’t need to be daily. Too often may dry hair, leading to breakage. Ensure the water you wash with isn’t too hot. And just as you avoid ingesting chemicals, minimising the chemicals on your scalp is probably a good idea. Always check the labels of hair dyes, shampoos and other products so you know what they contain, and opt for natural and/or good quality professional products.

Lifestyle factors to consider

According to the Victorian Government’s Better Health site, most hair loss can be attributed to genetic factors, however other medical conditions may play a part.

Chronic stress can also contribute to hair loss, according to the Mayo Clinic. Depending on how severe your stress is, you might consider changing your lifestyle where possible to help minimise your stress levels. This might be through talking to family, friends or a medical practitioner, regular exercise, and other activities such as yoga, acupuncture and meditation.

Other options

Being healthy overall can help improve the appearance of your hair, and keep it in good condition. And if you are affected by hair loss, you should certainly seek medical advice. Hair loss treatments have improved dramatically over the years, and there are also many alternatives such as human-hair extensions that may help hide hair loss and ensure your hair looks healthy and perfectly natural.