The Alopecia Project Photography Series by David Regan

A personal and intimate portrait series by London-based photographer Daniel Regan, ‘The Alopecia Project’ is a powerful and moving look at people who live with alopecia every day.

(View Daniel's photo series  here).

Regan says his photographs capture the resilience of his subjects "against a condition that is incredibly chaotic in its nature."

The true message of the project and one that we firmly agree with here at Transitions Hair is that it is okay being you, but most importantly being the you that you choose.

The project resulted in the release of a book - Alopecia Uncovered which features 39 beautifully printed black and white photographs, as well as essays and journeys of those affected by the condition. 

This book investigates issues of self-esteem, fractured identities and perceptions of illness, illustrated through the use of empowering yet vulnerable photography that challenges the social constructs of beauty.