Scientific Study Shows BioTHIK is the Better Solution for Hair Loss


In recent years hair-building fibres have become one of the most popular solutions for those suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. This isn’t at all surprising, as hair fibres are quick, easy-to-use and effective in giving you the look of thicker and fuller hair within 30 seconds.

As the popularity of hair fibres has grown, several different hair fibre brands have appeared, each with their own distinct properties and components. While this variety is generally a good thing, this has made it difficult for consumers to know the various benefits or disadvantages of each product.

A recent study published in the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal set out to discover which hair fibre brand truly excels among the most popular. The study, entitled Electrostatic and Dielectric Measurements for Hair Building Fibers from DC to Microwave Frequencies, was conducted by Dr. Kok Yeow You, a senior lecturer at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Dr. Yi Lung Then of the Swinburne University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Computing & Science (Sarawak). The study looked at five different brands of hair fibres including BioTHIK, SMH, Nanogen, Toppik and XFussion and conducted a series of experiments that would reveal the qualities of each brand.

The importance of structure in hair fibre distribution

In addition to examining the electrostatic and dielectric properties of hair fibre, You and Then also used a Scanning Electronic Microscope at a 100 and 1000-fold magnification to examine hair fibre density and distribution.

The study found that out of the five types of fibres:

  • XFusion showed the highest broken rates
  • Fibre distribution of SMH was the most compact
  • The fibre structure of BioTHIK was very similar to SMH, giving it the second highest density fibre distribution among the five brands
  • The Nanogen fibre was the most similar in structure to actual human hair

Simply put, BioTHIK had one of the most compact fibre distributions among the five brands, and one of the lowest broken fibre rates.

The electrostatic and dielectric properties of hair fibre

The effectiveness of hair fibres depends on its electrostatic and dielectric properties. Simply put, this means that hair fibres with the ability to store higher charges allow greater coverage on each individual strand of hair. Therefore, the study used macroscopic testing using DC and high frequency microwave techniques to reveal the electrostatic and dielectric properties of the fibres.

Charge density varies on the specific fibre and environmental conditions, and can be increased through friction. In fact, even a simple act like shaking the bottle of hair fibres can change the charge as the amount of friction between the fibre and container will generate an additional charge.

Researchers You and Then conducted a series of tests which measured the charges in hair fibre at the DC stage based on the measured voltage (V) and measured capacitance (C). As can be seen below in the column marked C, they discovered that BioTHIK hair fibres were able to store charges at significantly higher rates than other hair fibres, and almost 10 times more than its nearest competitor.

BioTHIK Table1

Source: Electrostatic and Dielectric Measurements for Hair Building Fibers from DC to Microwave Frequencies by K. Y. You, Y. L. Then.

This ability to store higher charges means that BioTHIK hair fibres can attach to real hair much better than other brands and therefore last longer. In addition the ability to store charge better than other fibre brands, BioTHIK hair fibres also demonstrated the highest conductivity. This is what causes the fibre bundles to appear perpendicular to the existing hair and cause hair to look thicker with just a small volume of the fibre powder.

The results speak for themselves

At the conclusion of their study, You and Then found that when compared to its competitors, BioTHIK hair fibres performed exceptionally well in that:

  • BioTHIK hair fibre has a higher ability to store charges, meaning fibres attach to each individual strand, giving a more luscious look
  • BioTHIK hair fibre has the highest conductivity value, causing the fibre bundle to appear perpendicular to existing hair strands, helping hair look thicker with less powder
  • BioTHIK hair fibre has the second-highest density fibre distribution and one of the lowest fracture rates, resulting in a more natural and seamless appearance for the hair

All this goes to show that BioTHIK is a product that not only delivers exceptional results, but also gives you better value for your money. It’s scientifically-proven to last longer and give you the appearance of naturally fuller, thicker hair with just a small amount. Furthermore, the fibres have been proven to adhere to your natural hair even in rain, wind, or while sweating, meaning you can live your life without worrying about your luscious locks.

So if you ever wonder which brand of hair-building fibre to choose, you can now rest easy knowing that BioTHIK has been scientifically-proven to be among the best. BioTHIK has been carefully engineered to be effective yet economical, giving you long-lasting, naturally thicker looking hair with just a little bit of product.

Are you looking for a way to cosmetically thicken your hair’s appearance? Give us a call today on 1300 427 778 or email us for a free demonstration, and watch the BioTHIK hair fibres in action on your own hair. We’ll also help you choose the right colour and offer suggestions for other hair loss solutions that may be right for you.