Our Guide to Postpartum Hair Loss

Guide to Postpartum Hair Loss

Hormones, ‘baby brain’, and loss of sleep are common post-childbirth topics, but oddly hair loss doesn’t feature much in these conversations.

Watching your hair thin and shed in front of your eyes may be distressing, leaving you to wonder what is going on. Rest assured, it is totally normal for women to experience pronounced hair shedding following childbirth! This is known as postpartum hair loss. 

woman looks at hair in brush

What is postpartum hair loss?

Postpartum hair loss is the natural shedding of hair that can take place anytime straight after birth up to five months later, when a woman’s body and hormone levels start to return to a pre-pregnant state. The amount of hair loss varies amongst women. subject to their natural state and hair volume.

What causes postpartum hair loss?

During pregnancy, you may have noticed your locks were looking extra luscious. Your body’s estrogen and progesterone levels soar during pregnancy, putting your hair into a full-on ‘growth phase’, making it fuller and thicker. While there are several factors that can contribute to postpartum hair loss, the main one is that your body’s estrogen levels plummet after childbirth. This drop in hormones exacerbates the shedding stage of the normal hair cycle. Typically, women lose about 100 hairs daily, but postpartum hair loss can increase the amount to around 400.

How long does postpartum hair loss last?

Postpartum hair loss is temporary.  You may be wondering when the hair loss slows down, as you see a surplus of those previously lustrous strands of hair now left on your pillow in the morning or as big clumps clogging your shower drain. Generally, the hair loss will last for about four months as your body’s hormone levels readjust. Postpartum hair loss commonly stops around 12 months post-childbirth, and in rare cases, can last up to 24 months.

How to stop postpartum hair loss?

Reducing anxiety by accepting that postpartum hair loss is natural is a good start. There are simple things you can do to manage and minimise hair loss. You can encourage some faster improvements with a few basic self-care measures for your hair’s wellbeing: 

·       Making time to relax and get sleep (this can be difficult with a new bub, we know!)

·       Fitting in exercise

·       Eating well with a balanced, fresh food diet high in vitamins and minerals (protein and omega-3 are particularly good)

·       Skipping styling and reducing brushing your hair to avoid tugging at the roots

·       Desisting those baby grips on your hair

baby pulling mum's hair

Extreme Postpartum Hair Loss

Every woman’s body and situation differ. If you’re feeling concerned about your hair, seek dermatological or medical advice on what may be causing excessive or extended hair loss. They may identify other reasons, like vitamin or mineral deficiencies such as iron (anemia) or a low thyroid hormone.  

How Transitions Hair Can Help You

At Transitions Hair, we fully understand how a woman’s hair is integral to her confidence and self-esteem. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your thinning hair and revealing your scalp, we can guide you through a choice of customisable and effective cosmetic or restorative hair treatments and solutions that are undetectable and look totally natural while your hair regrows.

Whatever your hair thinning situation, there are several instant self-applied temporary solutions to more intricate, longer-term options that will help you feel and look your best with glamorous-looking hair:

Hair Loss Concealer & Cosmetic Hair Thickener- BioTHIK Hair Fibre

For an undetectable quick fix to conceal mild thinning and add immediate volume to fine hair, try BioTHIK Hair Fibres. This is a natural thickening powder made of keratin fibres, just like your own hair. It takes less than a minute to sprinkle and pat into place to bond to your existing hair. A light spray of Locking Mist will hold the keratin fibres in place, leaving you with a natural-looking coverage, and up to 150 percent thicker-looking hair, to last until your next hair wash.

Crown Extensions

Topette crown extensions are a popular cosmetic option, as they are lightweight hairpieces that are easily clipped into your own hair.  Made of genuine human hair that has been woven into a fine matrix, they immediately add natural-looking volume and crown coverage.

Customised to any length and colour, topette crown extensions can be styled to blend in with your own hair adding an appearance of soft, fuller, and thicker natural hair. It’s so comfortable and secure, you can even sleep with it.

Laser Hair Retention & Regrowth Therapy

Laser hair therapy is a safe, effective, and non-invasive laser hair rejuvenation solution that stimulates hair follicles and blood circulation to the scalp, encouraging hair growth and restoring a healthy hair cycle. The gentle low-level laser light therapy is self-applied, either through laser hair brushes, combs, caps, or laser helmets, depending on preference and budget. Clinically proven to increase hair volume and thickness with a softer and shinier feel, it’s an easy solution during the early stages of hair loss or used in combination with other treatments.

SensiGraft ®

Using the latest hair to skin technology, this is an easy non-surgical alternative solution to hair transplants that is similar to a topette, just more permanent. SensiGraft ® is a skin-like membrane implanted with genuine hair which is safely and securely bonded to your scalp for weeks, allowing you to wake up every morning to a full head of 100 percent natural-looking hair. You can even swim with it! Suitable as you transition between growing and restored hair, SensiGraft®  adds density, thickness, and volume that can be styled any way you like.  


If you’re looking for a versatile, yet full head of hair ‘makeover’, a wig is a perfect option.  Made from human hair, which is stronger and more heat resistant than a synthetic option, it looks, moves, and feels like your own hair that you can style the way you want. You can choose pre-designed or custom-made wigs from a wide range of quality, sizes, and colours, that will suit your face. Lightweight and silky soft, they are cool and comfortable to wear. These wigs have a natural hairline which gives them an entirely realistic appearance.

womens human hair wigs

Hair Transplants

In the event you are looking for a permanent hair restoration option, hair transplants are a possible solution. This involves transplanting your own hair by carefully redistributing selected healthy donor hair on your head to a thinning section via an advanced micrografting surgical procedure. 


Postpartum hair loss is temporary, yet the amount and duration of shedding will vary between women. Advanced pattern thinning is more likely due to medical or genetic reasons known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Whatever your hair situation, Transitions Hair can offer the best solution according to your lifestyle that will help you regain your looks and your confidence.

Contact or call one of our hair loss experts now for a free private consultation: 1300 427 778 (valued at $250) to work out the best hair solution for you.