Meet Jo Thompson, Transitions’ New Zealand Representative!

As a leading name in hair loss solutions in Australia, one of our main goals at Transitions Hair has always been to deliver only the best hair loss solutions for women and men all throughout the country. Having just about reached that goal we set our sights even further, partnering with hair replacement and restoration centres all over the world to bring our products to the global market. That of course also meant partnering with hair restoration specialists in one of our closest neighbours, New Zealand.

Bringing The Transitions Hair Experience to New Zealand

Our entry into New Zealand has given us the opportunity to provide the high quality hair loss solutions that so many in this island country have been searching for. But in order to bring the unique and superior Transitions Hair experience to New Zealand, we had to choose a partner that would be able to bring that same level of expertise and quality service to our clients. Thankfully, we were able to meet just the person for the task.

Transitions in New Zealand is being spearheaded by our New Zealand representative Jo Thompson, who has been in the business of hair care and hair restoration for almost 30 years. Jo has worked in numerous salons and hair care companies primarily in the Wellington region, and now she’s bringing our exceptional line of hair loss solutions to clients in New Zealand. These solutions include the revolutionary BioTHIK hair thickening fibres and the complete line of Follea hair products, considered to be the world’s most beautiful and luxurious of cosmetic hair products. With Jo’s experience and dedication to offering not only high quality products but also impeccable service, we have no doubt that our clients in New Zealand will receive nothing but the best in hair restoration solutions.

Get To Know Jo

In the above video we spoke to Jo about her background in hair care, and it is apparent that she shares the same passion and goal as the rest of us here at Transitions Hair. If you currently reside in the Wellington area or surrounding areas and are looking for the best in hair loss solutions, make sure to get in touch with Jo by calling her on 027 653 0462. You can also email her at or visit her website:

Jo Thompson is one among many global Transitions Hair partners, and we hope to find and partner with more like her in the future. We’re driven to making Transitions Hair for women and men accessible to everyone all over the world; and will partner with like-minded salons and specialists that are intent in achieving the same goal.

If you would like to partner with us and think your salon or hair treatment centre would be a perfect fit for our products, get in touch with us today. You can give us a call on 1300-427-778 or send us an email at