Is Hair Loss Hindering your Chances of Scoring Your Dream Job?

In our tough economic climate, with record low rates of unemployment, landing job opportunities has become more and more difficult. Competitions for positions have become increasingly fierce and it's crucial to look you best, particularly at the interview stage. If you are experiencing hair loss, it is easy to let that fact make you self-conscious or insecure, which can affect your performance in your interview.

Hair loss worries? It's not all in your head!

According to reports, balding men and women are less likely to be selected for positions after job interviews than their counterparts with full heads of hair. And it doesn't stop there! As reported in an article for Business Insider, 63% of men report that hair loss has negatively affected their career. But why? Well studies would suggest that many people don't even realize that they have biases against bald or balding individuals. A possible explanation for this unconscious discrimination is that hair loss is often associated with aging.

"In our youth obsessed culture, signs of age can work against you'

The good news is that you can do something about it! Today's modern, state-of-the-art hair restoration and hair replacement techniques can make hair loss a distant memory in your professional and personal life. (Click here for female hair loss solutions)

Don't lose out over hair loss

Many men and women report that hair replacement was one of the most significant events in their professional lives, with positive carry-over effects in their personal lives - including improved self-confidence and a more positive outlook on life.

Check out the video below to see how David's life changed for the better after choosing a hair restoration solution with Transitions Hair.

If you choose to make a personal investment in hair replacement, it is important to achieve as natural a look as possible. It may hurt you more in the process if you look like you are covering something up, creating just the opposite effect of what you desire. It is therefore important to seek out a hair replacement specialist you can trust, and with whom you feel comfortable, both technically and personally. Here at Transitions Hair we offer just that. This is an investment in yourself, and the goal is a totally natural, age-appropriate look, that is matched to not only your own hair, but your own lifestyle as well.

As you prepare for your all-important interview, an interview with a professional hair loss consultant can yield very long term results indeed. Click here to book your FREE consultation with Transitions Hair or call 1300 427 778.

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