Insane Facts About the Human Hair Used in Wigs & Extensions


Wearing other people's hair on your head sounds a bit odd when you really think about it, but for millions of men and women around the world, it's a natural part of their lives. Wigs and hair extensions have become so commonplace and necessary that a lot of us no longer think about where they come from or exactly how they eventually end up on our heads. But there are some very interesting and downright crazy facts about the human hair used in wigs and hair extensions. Here are just some of them:

A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

While it may not seem like it, the human hair industry is extremely lucrative. There's money to be made at just about every stage: from those who sell their hair, to cleaning it, sorting it and creating beautiful wigs out of it. Human hair has become so valuable that they can go for up to $700 a pound. Some salons have even been burglarised for it. And during one major hair auction, companies bid almost $14 million dollars for it! It's no wonder then that in India, one of the main sources of human hair, it is referred to as 'black gold'.

The Biggest Sources of Human Hair

So where do most of the human hair used to make wigs come from? As you may have already figured out, they come from two of the most populated countries in the world: India and China. In these places, shaving one's head is viewed as a traditional religious practice. In pilgrimages to such temples as the Venkateswara Temple in Tirumala, India, hundreds of barbers will shave a different person's head every five minutes! That's a lot of hair.

There's Hair in Your Pizza!

The demand for human hair wigs has increased dramatically in recent years, and so has the use of human hair. Not only are they being used for wigs and hair extensions, they're also used for fake lashes, fertilizers, stuffing, and they can even be found in your pizza! That may sound unappetizing, but it's actually just the amino acids produced from human hair that is added into the dough of pizza and bagels.

Big Money for Blondes

The saying 'blondes have more fun' is contentious, but blondes earning more in the hair industry is a fact. That's because natural blonde hair is prized in the human hair industry more than any other type of hair. Russian women with naturally long, blonde hair can get hundreds of dollars for their locks. There have even been cases of these women being flown to wigmakers for their hair. One case in Indiana involved a woman earning $1,500 for her golden locks! This figure is nothing however, compared to how much the wig made of her hair cost, which was a whopping $8,000.

Iconic Wigs and Wig Owners

Fans of the Kardashian-Jenners will know that Kylie Jenner is a great fan of human hair wigs. She owns several different wigs made by celebrity wigmaker Tokyo Stylez. But long before the young Jenner, many other celebrities, icons and royalty have owned wigs that have become iconic themselves. Back in her day, Queen Elizabeth I had more than 150 wigs, and King Louis XIV had over 40 wigmakers. Some of the

more recent icons who owned wigs include Michael Jackson and painter Andy Warhol, whose own wig sold for a hefty $10, 800!

It Takes a Lot to Make a Wig

...And we're not just talking about strands, we're talking time and effort. It takes several days to make just one wig, as this process involves untangling, sorting, washing, drying, dyeing and sewing these strands. Some fully-custom-made wigs can take up to eight weeks to finish! If you're a woman looking to find a good wig however, don't worry because you won't have to wait that long. Transitions Hair offers real human hair wigs for women in Sydney that will instantly give you a full head of beautiful, natural-looking hair. Call us on 1300 427 778 today to know more or fill out our contact form to avail of a free, personalised and private consultation with one of our expert hair replacement professionals.