iGrow Laser Hair Therapy Treats Hair Loss in Women

Laser hair therapy system

The iGrow Hair Laser Hair Therapy System has received FDA over-the-counter clearance for women; making it the first wearable, in-home, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) hair growth device to receive a U.S. FDA over the counter clearance for both men and women. This is fantastic news for hair loss sufferers!

This has come about to the iGrow's proven results in effectively promoting hair growth in women with Fitzpatrick skin phototypes I to IV and with Ludwig Baldness Scale Classifications of I to II. The iGrow is a hands-free, in-home laser hair growth system that is now widely available without a prescription for both women and men to effectively treat hair loss.

The laser hair therapy system's patented red light technology re-energizes cells at the follicle level to successfully regrow hair that is thicker, fuller, and healthier! The iGrow uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to increase hair counts by 37 percent among women in just 16 weeks of treatments with zero side effects.

The device's highly productive combination of medical-grade LEDs and red laser diodes offers a convenient, cost-effective, and clinically proven solution for male and female hair loss. With consistent use, both women and men with varying types and degrees of hair loss, balding and thinning hair can experience significant results.

Combat Female Hair Loss in the Privacy of your own Home

The iGrow laser hair therapy system is such a convenient way to restore your hair which is why so many people love this simple, easy to use product that combats female hair loss in the privacy of your own home. The hands free system allows you to get on with what you need to do without being constrained to sitting in a chair or even having to stay in a specific room! This puts the iGrow Laser Hair Therapy System in an elite category of hair loss products that have not only proven equally effective for both men and women, but enable anyone to effectively treat hair loss from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Apira Science earned FDA clearance on the laser hair therapy system by conducting a double-blind, independently reviewed clinical trial to test the efficacy and safety of the iGrow Hair Growth System as an effective solution for hair loss in women. Female participants used the iGrow four times per week for 25 minutes per session and saw a 37 percent increase in hair counts in just four months.

You can purchase your very own iGrow Hair Growth System here. If you would like to chat more about the iGrow, or other solutions for female hair loss, call 1300 427 778 to book a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.

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