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In our previous blog post on human hair wigs, we discussed a few important things to take into consideration when choosing your human hair wig. One thing we didn't discuss however is why you should choose Transitions Hair when looking to purchase a human hair wig.

Not Like Your Average Wig Shop

Here at Transitions Hair we're not like an ordinary wig shop. When you walk in you won't find the walls lined with human hair wigs on mannequin heads, while you sit in the middle of the shop trying them on for all to see. Rather, you will be taken into a private consultation room with one of our human hair wig consultants and talk through exactly what you are looking for over a cup of tea or coffee. You will be shown a variety of human hair wigs to choose from, without the overwhelming nature of them being on display around you. You will be able to try on as many human hair wigs as you like and ask as many questions as you want along the way. Your consultant will guide you through this process; listen to your desires and advise you on how to ensure your new human hair wig will be right for you.

Choosing Your Human Hair Wig

During the consultation, you will need to decide whether you would like custom made or a pre-designed human hair wig. This will affect the next of the process. If you choose a custom made human hair wig then we will then measure the exact curvature of your scalp, creating a wig that fits the shape of your head. Alternatively, if you choose to purchase a pre-designed human hair wig, we will then ensure that it fits you correctly.

Styling Your Human Hair Wig

Once you have chosen your human hair wig, particularly if you choose the pre-designed option, you will find that due to your unique facial features as well as individual preference, it will rarely look exactly how you would like it do. That is why we will spend a couple of hours with you cutting and styling your new hair to make sure you walk away looking, and feeling great!

Your Next Steps:

Why put it off any longer? Call today to book your free confidential consultation with one of our human hair wig specialist and get the hair you have always wanted. PH: 1300 427 778

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