How to Thicken Hair for Women: 9 ways to thicker, healthier hair

Thin, limp locks have you feeling flat? From products to hairstyles, we’ve rounded up 9 top tips and tricks to get those thicker, luscious locks you’ve been dreaming of.

Your shampoo and conditioner matter

Thicken hair with shampoo and conditioner

This one might be obvious, but it’s a great place to start. Pick a shampoo and conditioner combo that’s designed to thicken and build volume. These volumising duos are formulated with less conditioning agents, so they won’t weigh your hair down. Pick a good quality, salon-grade product if you’re able for better results.  We recommend Biothik Active shampoo and conditioner, which has ingredients that have been scientifically shown to strengthen hair by 41% in two weeks.

Consider a new hairstyle

There’s a misconception that longer hair looks thicker. But often thin hair can look stringy and weighed down (read: thinner) when it’s long. A shorter, layered or blunt cut can make all the difference. Additionally, a few well placed highlights can add depth to your locks and give the appearance of fuller hair. Avoid over-colouring though; overuse of chemical dyes can place stress on your strands, making them brittle and more prone to breakage. 

New hairstyles for thinning hair

If you find you do have weakened or brittle hair due to too much chemical processing, the Biothik Active shampoo and conditioner can help you here too.

Maintain good hair and scalp health

over styling contributes to thinning hair and hair loss

It all starts with what’s inside: a balanced diet with plenty of protein, iron, vitamin B-12 and other vitamins and minerals is essential for healthy tresses.

Other key precautions to minimise breakage and hair loss are to avoid over-washing, and to minimise the use of styling tools like straightening irons, hot rollers/curling irons and blow dryers. Be gentle with your hair – tight braids, topknots and other hairstyles that pull, rub and twist your hair can damage and weaken it.

Over-washing and overuse of harsh, heavy products can compromise the health of your scalp; a healthy balance of natural oils and moisture are vital for flowing locks. Brushing regularly (try a wide-tooth, ceramic or boar-bristle brush, rather than a plastic one) distributes the hair’s natural oils, exfoliates your scalp and removes dead hair.

Fake it til you make it - in moderation!

Sometimes only a product will do to give that immediate appearance of plumped up thicker hair for a special occasion. Used sparingly, dry shampoo and a volumising product (like a root lifting spray or a light texturing spray) will lift and add volume without weighing your mane down. Spray at the roots to lift, blow dry the area gently on a low heat, and finish with a light texturizing spray. Be mindful of overuse though; heavy use of products can clog hair follicles and potentially prevent new hairs from growing.

A lifting spray or texturising spray can give the appearance of thicker hair

Biothik Locking Mist is an amazing root lift product that will give you sustained lift all day long. 

Avoid extensions (try a hair topper instead)

Many people try (and many hairstylists even recommend) hair extensions to give the illusion of thicker hair. Extensions can be a natural looking way to give your hair a thicker, fuller look, but ultimately they’ll cause more damage and stress to your hair, often resulting in further thinning. Extensions are applied to your existing hair through adhesive or threading, putting pressure on your hair. Each time you brush, style, or even sleep on your hair, it’s pulling at the roots and weakening your hair. You could end up with a worse situation than when you started. Plus, good ones can be quite expensive! Instead, try a hair topper, also known as a crown extension or a topette, a thin hairpiece that clips in to the top of your head (where thinning is most obvious) and blends in with the rest of your hair, without causing lasting damage. 

hair toppers give the appearance of thicker hair


The more of your scalp that shows through your hair, the thinner your hair looks. An easy way to hide the appearance of thinning hair is to conceal it at the scalp with a cosmetic hair thickener to cover your roots and give the illusion of thick hair. We use and love Biothik, an undetectable, natural thickening powder made of keratin fibres that adds volume and hides the scalp for naturally thicker looking hair. Check out some of the transformations here

Medical solutions

talk to your doctor about hair loss solutions

Sometimes a visit to a dermatologist or your GP will be your best bet to determine underlying issues that could be causing your hair loss. It’s important to discuss any medications you’re taking that could be causing hair loss, and check for hormone imbalances or other health issues like thyroid problems, autoimmune concerns and anaemia. Your doctor may recommend a treatment like Minoxidil, a medication that slows hair loss and promotes regrowth.

Laser hair therapy

laser hair therapy for thinning hair

Laser hair rejuvenation is recommended by doctors worldwide as an effective treatment for early stage female hair loss and thinning hair. It works by applying low level laser light across the scalp, stimulating hair follicles and increasing circulation to the scalp. It’s been proven to encourage hair growth and restore a healthy hair cycle. Read about the benefits and find out if this could be an option for you here.

Try a wig or a hair system

Wigs are a great option when instant results are required. We have a fabulous range of human hair wigs that are top quality, natural and realistic looking – and often look better than your own hair!

follea human hair wigs

A hair system is another option for those with moderate to severe hair loss that replicates the natural appearance of your hair and scalp and gives you the hair you’ve always wanted.

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