Hair Styling Tips Every Girl Can Try

Great hair is not always easy to come by, even for those blessed with naturally thick lustrous locks. Styling can be a particular challenge for women with fine hair, and downright stressful when thinning hair or hair loss is involved.

If your hair is in need of a helping hand, no matter your hair type, start with these styling tips.

Pick the right cut

The first and best way to achieve great-looking hair is to start with the right cut. Your hair type and face shape together will help determine the style for you, and a professional hairdresser can make recommendations.

For fine hair, two popular cuts are the pixie cut and blunt cut (above the collarbone). Longer styles tend to weigh hair down, yet these cuts when combined with product may help the finest hair look a million dollars.

Know your products

Hair products vary immensely and not all will suit. Always look for products tailored to your hair type, and it goes without saying that professional salon products tend to be more effective than supermarket counterparts.

For fine hair, lightweight root spray, mousse and texture spray can be great options. Products not specifically designed for thin hair may make hair hard to style, and similarly an unsuitable shampoo and condition can zap hair of volume and shine.

Form good habits

How you look after your hair plays a part in how it looks. Drying can be particularly damaging so limit the number of times – and the amount of time – that you’re using a hair dryer. Apply product to the middle and ends of your hair rather than the roots. For those with fine or thinning hair, washing less rather than more can be helpful.

Choose the right tools

Not all hair tools suit every woman. For fine hair for instance, soft, foam rollers are a much better option than hot rollers. If you do have fine hair, stay away from the hair straightener, which tends to emphasise thinness.

Style up

As with haircuts, your best styles will be those that best suit your face and hair type.

Fine or thinning hair? Add volume with loose waves, or pile hair up and keep loose strands around the face.

Accessorise with hairpieces

The right accessory can make all the difference and when it comes to your hairstyle, that means hairpieces and extensions. Hairpieces vary from clip-in pony tails to full-cover top pieces. They’re also now often made from human hair so they look and feel perfectly natural.

Need help?

If you are experiencing hair thinning or loss, then do remember that it’s very common and you’re certainly not alone. We understand how stressful it can be and we’d love to help you revamp your style so that you look – and feel – fantastic.