Hair Loss Treatments Sydneysiders Should be wary of

Has your hairdresser ever suggested you try a miracle hair loss treatment? Have you seen pills or products advertised on television or the internet promising to stop hair loss, regrow hair or even reverse baldness? There are many great hair loss treatments Sydney has to offer for people experiencing hair loss and thinning hair; but unfortunately there are also a number of fake or misleading hair loss treatments Sydneysiders should watch out for.

These so called 'hair loss treatments' promise a lot, and often take advantage of vulnerable hair loss sufferers, while delivering very little on their promise. You have to wonder where all these so called hair loss cures come from. After all, there are very few FDA approved hair loss treatments in Sydney or anywhere for that matter. Keep reading to find out which hair loss treatments to be cautious of as well as legitimate hair loss treatments in Sydney.

Hair Loss Treatment Brushes

One hair loss treatment myth is that hair growth can occur through scalp stimulation. This is why we see a variety of products such as hair loss treatment brushes, massagers and magnets on the market, claiming to cure hair loss. While there are legitimate medical treatments to stimulate hair follicle and improve blood circulation, there is no proof to support the claim that this can be achieved by using a hair loss treatment brush or anything similar.


Herbal Hair Loss Treatment Supplements

Good nutrition and certain supplements can improve hair quality, but herbal supplements are not an approved hair loss treatment so it is important to keep realistic expectations. A vitamin isn't going to stop hereditary hair loss or regrow hair on the scalp where the hair follicle has already died; they can however create a shinier appearance and improve overall hair quality.


Surgical Hair Loss Treatments from Unqualified 'Beauty Doctors'

Hair transplants can make a significant impact the appearance of a person's scalp and give them a whole new lease on life. However it is absolutely pivotal that surgical hair loss treatments are carried out by skilled professionals, otherwise these procedures can result in scarring or infection. Make sure you research carefully the legitimacy of the person or practice carrying out your hair transplant.

FDA Approved Hair Loss Treatment in Sydney

The iGrow Laser Hair Therapy System is a safe and effective hair loss treatment cleared by the FDA. The iGrow Laser is clinically proven to stimulate hair regrowth using low level laser therapy (LLLT) and has been confirmed as an effective hair loss treatment for both men and women. Purchase your iGrow Laser today by clicking here.


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