Hair Loss Treatment for Women in Sydney


Thinning hair is not a male only problem. Male hair loss is accepted as a normal part of the aging process but what happens when your hair is thinning and you are a woman? Hair loss in women is much more common than people think, and while it's always good to see you doctor as soon as possible if you start losing your hair, there's not necessarily a sinister medical reason behind it. Like men, women may just be suffering from pattern baldness. So ladies, is your hair brush full of hair at the end of every day? Is your hair loss clogging your shower drain? Can you see areas of your scalp? Well Transitions Hair Sydney is here to help with a range of hair loss treatments for women, right here in Sydney. Let's have a look at some shall we!

Surgical Hair Loss Treatment for Women

With the introduction of micro-grafting (individual hair follicle implantation), hair transplants have become an increasingly popular hair loss treatment for women due to their effectiveness in treating scarring, burns, high hairlines or small regions of static (non-regular) hair loss.

For the right person, hair transplants offer life changing results, with significant benefits, such as:

  • Added hair volume and density
  • Undetectable , even with close inspection
  • Permanent solution - transplanted hair will not fall out.
  • No extra maintenance required.

Hair Transplants go beyond a simple hair loss treatment, as they restore hope and the beauty of your hair.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Sometimes women are not eligible for a surgical hair loss treatment, either because the thinning hair is too close together to warrant an incision between existing hairs, or there is not enough donor hair to produce the required result. This is why Laser Hair Loss Treatments have gained popularity in recent years as they offer hope for women experiencing early stage hair loss such as Androgenetic Alopecia or thinning hair across the general density of their scalp. Laser Hair Therapy has been clinically proven to increase the volume, thickness and quality of your thinning hair making this an effective hair loss treatment to stimulate hair regrowth.

Your Next Hair Loss Treatment Step:

For more information on hair loss treatments for women in Sydney, and to find the best one to suit your needs, book a free consultation with one of our hair loss treatment specialists or call 1300 427 778.

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