Hair Loss Causes and Treatments - Fact and Fiction


There are few things in this world more debilitating to a man's confidence than hair loss. When one starts experiencing hair loss, the initial reaction is often worry, fear and insecurity. Add to this the mixed information about hair loss causes and treatments you'll find online, and it can also be a very confusing and frustrating time.

Hair loss is enough of a problem in itself; misinformation about its causes and treatments shouldn't be adding to the problem. To take that burden off your shoulders, we've listed down some of the most common misconceptions about hair loss causes and treatments, and reveal the truth behind them.

Fiction: Hair loss is caused by high testosterone levels

Fact: It may be a consolation to think that hair loss is due to increased virility, but the truth is hair loss is not actually caused by high levels of testosterone. Rather, it's caused by a sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a hormone and natural compound of testosterone.

Fiction: Wearing hats causes hair loss

Fact: As we've established in the first point, hair loss is caused by a sensitivity to DHT, not by the number of times you wear hats. It doesn't matter what type of hat you use—it's not going to cause hair loss. The only time it would probably cause hair loss is if your hat was so tight it would cut off circulation to your hair follicles, and no one in their right mind would wear a hat that uncomfortable.

Fiction: Standing upside-down helps make your hair grow

Fact: This may sound silly, but this myth was propagated due to the fact that hair needs good blood circulation in order to keep growing. But the fact of the matter is hair loss is not a blood circulation problem. No matter how many times you stand on your head, your hair is not going to grow back if hair loss is already in your genes. Even if increased blood flow could somehow help hair regrowth, you wouldn't be able to stay in that position long enough for it to have a substantial effect on your hair follicles.

Fiction: Hair loss only comes from your mother's side

Fact: In many cases hair loss is a hereditary condition but it's not passed on only by women—the gene can be carried by both men and women. So just because you don't have baldness in your mother's side of the family doesn't mean you can't get it from your father's side.

Fiction: Excessive shampooing can cause hair loss

Fact: Regular hair care, which includes regular shampooing, is just good hygiene. While other processes such as blow-drying and hair coloring can damage hair when done excessively, they don't actually lead to permanent hair loss. The same goes for shampooing.

Fiction: Hair loss only affects old people

Fact: There are many different types of hair loss, and not just those that affect old people. Some forms of hair loss can occur during puberty, and even to women and children.

Fiction: You can't cure hair loss

Fact: This may have been the prevailing belief decades ago, but with today's technology it is possible to recover from hair loss. Some of the proven methods of hair loss treatment for men include laser therapy and surgical hair transplants. These are safe, FDA-approved processes that have proven to restore men's hair, and their confidence along with it.

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