Hair Extensions: Important Care and Maintenance Tips

Hair extensions


Unlike natural hair, hair extensions aren’t self-restorative. Once they’re damaged, replacement is the only viable solution to maintain a gorgeous and natural looking head of hair.

Hair extensions have the potential to last up to 6 months, if you take proper care of them. As your reliable provider of hair restoration services and hair extensions in Sydney, At Transitions Hair for Women we suggest the following tips for you to make the most of your extensions and keep them looking like your own natural, beautiful hair for longer:

  • Use only a stylist-recommended brush. Upon installation of your extensions, your trusted hair specialist will tell you what kind of brush to use. A big, wide-toothed, soft-bristled brush is usually suggested as it doesn’t tug harshly on hair. It helps untangle knots without causing breakage and other damage to strands. Use only this kind of brush, and always have it in your bag so you can immediately address tangles.
  • Apply gentle strokes when brushing, and avoid pulling on the extensions. Hold them at their roots or installation points, and start brushing at the tip, gently smoothing out tangles as you work your way to the top. Before going to bed and upon waking up, brush your hair to free it from mats and tangles.
  • Use quality shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain silicon, sulphur, waxes and detergents. These ingredients can leave damaging residues on your scalp and cause deterioration of glues used to keep your extensions intact. All-natural and organic shampoo formulations work well in cleansing the scalp and strands without ruining extensions. Carefully inspect the ingredients of shampoos and conditioners you’re buying to be sure they don’t contain the above ingredients, or use only products provided by your stylist. In washing your hair, avoid circular strokes and vigorous manipulation to keep it from matting, and rinse it well after lathering. You can use leave-on conditioning and moisturising products to keep your hair smooth and free from tangles, but don’t overdo it to avoid slippage of extensions.
  • Loosely tie back your hair or wrap it with a soft cloth when you sleep. Either method lessens hair tangles at night and keeps your hair from getting subjected to too much friction as you toss and turn in your sleep.
  • Observe extra precaution in styling. The wrong hair-styling tools and products can cause serious damage to your extensions. In using heated curling or straightening irons and blow dryers, start with the lowest possible temperature and test them first. Remember, heated irons can only be used on human hair extensions and should be totally avoided on synthetic ones. Apply heat protective serum on your hair before using these electronic styling tools. Also avoid styling products that contain alcohol as they cause drying of hair. Better yet, if you want a nice hairdo for a special event, let an expert stylist take charge.
  • Wear a swimming cap when swimming in both sea and chlorinated water. Salt and chlorine can loosen and dry out your extensions and cause matting and tangling. Another alternative to wearing a head cap is braiding your hair so it stays in place while swimming. Before going into the water, wet your hair completely. Apply a leave-on hair moisturiser with SPF to further protect your extensions from the damaging effects of the sun, sea, or swimming pool chemicals. After swimming, wash your hair immediately to rinse off salt and chlorine.
  • When exercising, secure hair in a braid or ponytail, and keep it away from your neck and forehead as much as possible. Sweat is acidic and can lessen the life of your extensions. After exercising, take a warm shower, and apply shampoo and conditioner to wash off salty sediments of sweat from your scalp. Also, shorten your time in the sauna as intense heat is very unfriendly to your extensions.
  • Regularly visit your hair-care specialist. Your extensions need regular professional attention, on top of your own maintenance efforts. Don’t miss scheduled appointments with your trusted hair professional so problems concerning your hair extensions will be addressed immediately.

Transitions Hair for Women offers excellent hair restoration solutions to address hair thinning or hair loss in women. You will finally achieve the voluminous and beautiful hair you’ve been wanting to have. Our Mystique/Reallusions hair extensions, made of 100% human hair, are the finest in Australia. These top-quality extensions can be suited to any hair style and colour. We also have SensiGraft for women, an advanced form of crown extensions to address androgenetic alopecia and other types of female hair loss.

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