Gripper Wigs for Female Hair Loss and Alopecia

With Gripper wig

Follea has led the way for women with little or no hair by creating a product line of innovative, next generation wigs. Designed for Alopecians by Alopecians, you can be assured that their creators understand the unique challenges that come with Alopecia. At the core of this is product line is the Follea Gripper™ Wigs. From their quick and ever growing popularity, it is evident that Follea Gripper™ Wigs are the go to solution for women experiencing severe hair loss, especially due to alopecia.

These beautiful Follea Gripper™ Wigs are the next generation in wig technology. Unlike older style wigs, the new Gripper Wig does not use tapes or glue the secure the wig to the scalp. Rather, it uses a patented medical grade silicone that ‘grips’ to the scalp with complete comfort and security. It is so secure that even if you’re sweating it out in the gym or showing off your sweet dance moves on a Saturday night, you can have complete confidence in knowing the amazing Gripper™ Wig is going to stay on your head

Why We Love the Follea Gripper™ Wig

Our team of hair loss professionals are dedicated to finding the best possible hair replacement solutions for female hair loss and alopecia suffers; and here at Transitions Hair for Women we feel we’ve hit the jackpot with the innovative Gripper™ Wig! After using them for a number of years now we can safely say we are extremely happy with them. We love the hair quality (gorgeous European/Russian Hair) and how long they last for. Best of all, we love them because our clients love them! Many have switched to the Gripper™ Wig because they especially love how it requires no glue or tape; giving them confidence, security, and zero hassle! Also they are very light, cool and breathable (especially compared to the suction or Vacuum wigs). In hot climates, coolness, lightness and breathability are extremely important. Clients also love being able to feel the wind and rain on their scalp again!

If you are suffering from alopecia or severe female hair loss, we cannot recommend the Follea Gripper™ Wig enough! Hear what one of our client’s has to say about the Gripper™ Wig in the video below!

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