Female Hair Loss – The Social Stigma

Hair loss victim

Hair loss creates an emotional roller coaster for millions of women around the world each year. However unlike men, the experience for women can be far more traumatic as common social constructs have made it virtually impossible for them to feel attractive without a full head of hair.

Female hair loss often forces women to feel ashamed and secretive about their predicament, attempting to mask their hair loss with solutions such as readily available hair extensions that often cause more harm than good. (More on that here)

Hiding or ignoring hair loss can be extremely problematic as well as cause for concern as female hair loss can, in some cases, be the sign of a more serious underlying medical issue that needs to be addressed.

What is female hair loss?

Hair loss in women, also known as female pattern baldness, can occur for a variety of different reasons but essentially it is a form of hair loss that is specific to women. The common clinical term for noticeable hair loss in general is alopecia, which affects approximately one-third of women and two-thirds of postmenopausal women.

More often than not, society assumes that baldness only affects men, but the alarming number of women who experience unwanted hair loss is far greater than you might expect. This incorrect assumption makes it far more difficult to seek proper treatments or hair restoration solutions as women often feel ashamed and embarrassed about their hair loss.

Female hair loss, if not dealt with properly, can greatly affect a female’s well-being and quality of life. Here at Transitions Hair for Women we feel it is essential for every woman to know and understand the facts behind this surprisingly common condition, and know that we have a hair restoration solution to suit everyone.

Genetic or Illness?

Most people wouldn't think twice about men losing their hair as it is very rarely an indication of illness. However for women, hair loss is accompanied by the social stigma that something far more sinister is going on.  While this can sometimes be the case, women too can suffer from genetic pattern baldness without an underlying physical or emotional issue. However if you do start experiencing hair loss we recommend seeking professional medical advice as soon as possible. (Read more about causes of hair loss here)

Whatever the reason that has caused your hair loss; we understand what a traumatic time this can be for any woman. We want to help you get through this hard time with our fantastic range of hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for women. Call 1300 427 778 or click here to book your free confidential consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.