FDA clear The Capillus 82™ for Androgenic Alopecia Treatment


The U.S Food and Drug Administration have cleared The Capillus 82 for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in adults. This is exciting as it not only substantiates the effectiveness of the laser therapy cap but demonstrates the safety of using the device at home to fight hair loss.

The Capillus 82™ Laser Hair Therapy Cap is highly effective, and being non-surgical, it is a non-invasive way to treat female hair loss.  The hands free nature of the device means that it can be used in your own home, around the office, running errands and going about daily life. This advanced laser treatment is convenient and portable, making it an ideal hair loss solution in some cases. 

When it comes to ease of use, the Capillus82 is a superior product to other laser hair loss treatments. Where combs must be repetitively brushed through the hair during use, Capillus82 offers a hands free treatment by simply wearing a hat on top of the device. This reduces the likelihood of abandoned treatments that can arise due to frustration over the brushing aspect of laser combs. 

The design of the Capillus82 offers more than just convenience, however. The wearable design of the product means that the Capillus82 is nearly undetectable under an ordinary hat, eliminating the “shame factor” associated with hair loss treatment. While other laser therapy domes are big, bulky, and painfully obvious, the battery-operated Capillus82 can be worn with confidence around the house, in public, and on-the-go.

Your next steps

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