Episode 2 - Who are we?

Andrew Wilson – Owner and director at the Transitions Hair Sydney Studio. Transitions Hair in Australia has typically been a family business and Andrew has been working in the industry for 20 years, as well as watching his dad work in the industry while he was growing up.

In the beginning
In the 1960’s and ‘70s it was important to have big hair, Brigitte Bardot was an icon with big hair and people emulated this look with different hairpieces. Similarly, big hair for men became all the rage, big perms, big fros, big beards, big mo’s, and big hairy chests.

Andrew began work serving coffees at age 12, and was able to observe the work that his father did, speaking with clients and learning to appreciate the work that was being done. It was at the age of 20 that Andrew began to work on hair himself.

Sydney Studio
Andrew opened the Sydney studio in 2009 and designed the space with comfort and elegance in mind. The studio has a consultation room which is where you will meet with Andrew to discuss any issues that you may have. From there the space has two private and discreet styling rooms so that clients feel comfortable at all times in the studio.

To learn more or to book in for a free consultation, please give us a call Ph. 1300 437 778 or email us at enquiries@transitionshair.com.au. Our website for women also provides extensive information on our various services.

Tune in next for Episode 3 – Why is hair so important? Or if you missed it, check out our last episode which explains the direction we are heading with this vlog.