Eat your way to Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Looking for a super easy way to give your hair a boost? Whether you are suffering from hair loss or just think your hair is looking dull and lifeless; by making these five foods a regular part of your diet you can eat your way to a healthy head of hair.

Eggs: Eggs are rich a biotin, a B vitamin that is essential for hair growth and an overall healthy scalp. Don't like the taste of eggs? Mix two egg whites with four tablespoons of olive oil to create a homemade hair make. Just apply it to your hair, leave it one for 30 minutes then rinse it out. Other high-biotin foods for hair health include peanuts, almonds, wheat bran, avocado, and low fat cheese.

Spinach: Spinach is a great source of folate and iron, and better yet can lead to hair growth! The folate in this leafy vegetable helps build red blood cells which then carry oxygen to hair follicles - essential for hair growth. If you have hair loss or thinning hair add spinach to your diet to increase hair growth and prevent further shedding.

Bell Peppers: Yellow, red, and green bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C which is essential in maintaining healthy hair. Vitamin C is necessary to ensure that there is enough iron in the red blood cells to carry oxygen to hair follicles. Vitamin C is also used to form collagen - a structural fibre required for healthy hair maintenance. Without sufficient vitamin C intake, hair can become dry, and susceptible to splitting and breaking easily.

Lentils: Iron-rich sources of protein such as lentils are crucial for cell growth - including hair cells which will be particularly necessarily if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. Other vegetarian sources of iron-rich protein include; tofu, soybeans, starchy beans, and black-eyed peas.

Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene which is excellent for people with hair loss or thinning hair. Other beta-carotene rich foods which can promote hair growth include foods such as carrots, kale, dark green lettuces, asparagus, and pumpkin - which can all work wonders on your hair.

So give these foods a try and drop us a line to tell us how it went. We'd love to know if they worked for you!

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