Clinical Study into the Psychological Effects of Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata psychological effects

The truth behind alopecia areata has so far escaped scientists and researchers, however a new study is correlating AA with anxiety, depression and other psychiatric problems.

It is not a question that hair abnormalities can have a negative impact on the psychological well being of patients with AA. Loss of hair has a tremendous toll, especially on women and young adults with up to 39% of AA patients suffering from generalised anxiety disorders.

Some researchers however are suggesting AA can be grouped among primary dermatologic disorders with psychiatric comorbidities or even as a primary psychiatric disorder with a dermatologic problem.

A comorbidity (in medicine) is the presence of one or more additional disorders co-occurring with a primary disease or disorder.

One instance that supports this theory is the significant hair regrowth seen in patients with AA that take imipramine (an anti-depressant drug) or under go hypnotic approaches.

At this stage it is unclear what this will mean for patients suffering from alopecia areata, however the more we know about the condition, the closer we are to a cure!

Story via International Journal of Trichology 

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