Celebrity Rachel McAdams wears Wigs

I'm always surprised at the reaction I get when I tell people that there are many celebrities who use wigs, topettes, toppers, hair extensions or hairpieces in Hollywood - people are usually completely surprised, shocked and dumbfounded. Most people think that wigs will look fake and obvious for all to see…….. Not so, good wigs can look very natural and beautiful (these are the kind that we do here in Sydney). So, the hair you are looking at on that starlet on the silver screen movie isn't necessarily 'their' hair. It's could well be a wig or hair enhancement of some kind.

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Rachel McAdams is a regular user of wigs in the movies. Last night, I was watching the 'Time Traveller's wife' and I was certain McAdams was using a wig. Why was I certain? Did it look fake? Certainly not, her hair looked very natural…….the makeup artist, wig designer and hair stylist are to be congratulated on their fine work. What sparked my interest was the scene where she was giving birth. Her hair was wet through from labour, I noticed how thin and fine her hair was (you can see in other movies and photos online to compare). It did not match the perfect hair from previous scenes.

Rachel McAdams Brown Wig

Next I started to study the front hairline, in many of the scenes it had the tell tale signs of a lace front wig, perfectly sculpted, but a little too perfect for my liking.

As I did some research I found an interview with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams about the movie. They were having some friendly banter about the costuming and one of the things Bana appreciated was her hair….. "And I to your wigs as well".

Rachel McAdams Wig 2 Rachel McAdams natural hair

Rachel McAdams with her dark haired wig in "The Vow" and her natural hair (but not natural colour) to the right.

More recently, McAdams is using a dark wig in the movie "The Vow' (see above). Again, her hair look fabulous, just take a look at the photos above, it just shows you how good a wig can look. To create hair as natural as this, we like to use premium European Hair, often sourced from Russian federation states. The hair behaves just like Caucasian hair, it behaves beautifully in the wind and settles back into position just the way you own hair would.

What we can learn from all of this is that many people, even celebrities, need a little extra help to have the hair they really want. Many of us have thinner or finer hair than we would like and it's OK to do something about it.

If you find yourself in this position, give us a call on 1300 427 778 for a free Hair consultation. We are here to help. We have studios in Sydney and make regular visits to Melbourne.

In summary, wigs are used widely in Hollywood. Wigs have the ability to create natural, beautiful, full, thick and confident hair (see the pictures of Rachel McAdams above). Ask any movie star who has used them. They are used with great success in Hollywood and we can help you find the look you have always wanted, even if it is with a little extra help.

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