Celebrities Going Through Hair Loss & Their Treatments


In this era of creative and contemporary hairstyling, a lot of people have always wanted to try various hairdos whenever they wish to. For many, a good hairstyle is everything and they invest adequate time and money just to achieve their desired hairstyle. Bob cut, curly and blonde, pixie cut --- name it. But how could all these be possible when you’re experiencing hair loss?

For quite a long time, hair loss has been a great barricade for many. Some experienced it in their senior years, while others started out at a young age. Due to a lot of uncontrollable factors, like genetics and stress, even famous celebrities and highly-respected personalities are not exempted from this condition. Some of them just shrugged it off, while many have actually sought a couple of ways to regrow their hair and get back in style. Since then, the demand for hair loss treatment and hair implant has dramatically increased.

Here are some of the most famous celebrities who have experienced hair loss and learn how they found a remedy for that condition.

  • Matthew McConaughey - Known for his role in the 1996 film adaptation of John Grisham’s novel A Time to Kill, Matthew McConaughey has gained so much popularity as an actor and as a film producer. He started to notice symptoms of male pattern baldness when he turned 30. Not giving baldness a chance to steal the glory of his overall look and hairstyle, he managed to regrow his hair by using a well-trusted hair loss treatment for men.

    He even shared on 'Live with Kelly!’ that there have been doctors claiming he’d undergone hair transplant and some have actually taken credit of that very effective hair loss treatment he used. The famous actor just laughed about it and didn’t take the issue seriously. He must’ve known that stress is one of the major causes of hair loss. Sorry doctors, not a chance!

  • Viola Davis - This Oscar-awardee and lead star of How To Get Away With Murder boldly admitted to wearing wigs on the red carpet regularly to hide her patchy hair loss caused by alopecia areata. She was once quoted saying, "I wore a wig in the Jacuzzi. I had a wig I wore around the house. I had a wig that I wore to events. I had a wig that I wore when I worked out. I never showed my natural hair. It was a crutch, not an enhancement … I was so desperate for people to think that I was beautiful.” Fortunately, her hair has now regrown and she has now flaunted her natural hair (no wigs and extension) in high-profile magazines. It seems like the How To Get Away With Murder star adeptly knows “how to get away with hair loss” as well. If that didn’t happen naturally, she can freely opt to avail of effective hair loss treatment for women

  • Tyra Banks - Being a superstar in the world of modeling, Tyra Banks is revered by many as the epitome of elegant beauty, style, and catwalk. Tyra Banks always looked impeccably groomed when showcasing her popular TV show America's Next Top Model. However, when she ventured into fiction writing, the burden of balancing her other business obligations and writing stuff became too much, hence resulting in alopecia areata, a stress-related disorder that causes hair loss.

    Fortunately, stress-related hair loss is not a hopeless case. As soon as the human body recovers from severe stress, the hair naturally regrows and is ready to go back in style. This was the kind of hope that Tyra has banked on, and she never failed.

  • Ben Affleck - One of the greatest stars in Hollywood, Ben Affleck, has brought us amazing movies such as Justice League, Triple Frontier, and The Accountant. His hair, unlike his popularity, doesn't seem to last for long. He has often been caught by the paparazzi, flaunting hairstyles perfect for men losing hair. After quite some time, the gray hairline and the bald spots on his head were noticeable. However, he didn’t let this pass. It didn’t take long until he subjected himself to hair transplant in order to regain his youthful look. And just like his films, it was a sweet success.

These are just a few of those famous celebrities who have experienced hair loss and have successfully sought effective remedies for it. Whichever worked better for them, whether it’s the hair loss treatment they’ve applied on their scalp or the hair transplant they’ve undergone, the bottomline is the fact that hair loss is never a despairing case. There are plenty of options available for people whose hair strands are beginning to fall out. Thus, stay on the bright side of hair loss remedies, not on the bright side of your scalp. Learn and discover more!

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