Caring For Human Hair Wigs

Hair loss can have a range emotionally draining side effects. Through this problem, the last thing you want to be worrying about is the details of how to care for you new wig! It's time to make a plan to care for your beautiful new 100% human hair wig. Taking care of a human hair wig is very similar to how you would care for your own natural hair. However, note that there are a few really important differences! Not only will your high quality wig last longer, styling will also be much easier and more fun. There is no need to stress about your new wig if you follow these easy guidelines.


To create beautiful, natural flow in your hair, a 100% natural human hair wig is the ideal choice. Human hair styles easily, and feels so soft and natural. The difference between human and synthetic hair is huge. Human hair wigs of a high quality aren't easy to make, making them more costly than synthetic "fashion wigs' that you can see in shops or purchase online. However, as mentioned earlier, for the extra cost you will notice a huge difference in quality. Nonetheless, a human hair wig is an investment, which you should care for. If you use unsuitable hair care products, the life expectancy of your wig can be reduced dramatically. However, with the right care, your human hair wig can easily outlast any fashion wig you might find, and it will look and feel markedly more natural.

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Before you wash your human hair wig, use a wide-toothed comb to remove all tangles. Start at the ends of the hair, working up towards the roots.

Following this, it is time to wash. Meet with a professional who knows hair care to identify the most suitable products to use on your wig. This is very important - do not assume that any old shampoo is appropriate. Take the time to find the right products - remember, your wig is an investment. While you hold the hair, use cool water to wet the strands. Excessive soaking can put tangles back into the hair, so don't leave your wig in the water for longer than is necessary. After wetting the hair, put a coin-sized amount of shampoo onto your hands. Apply throughout the hair evenly, rubbing gently into the strands. After the application, gently wash the shampoo out of the hair. While you are washing out the shampoo, you might be tempted to wring out the hair. Don't! Wringing can break the delicate strands of hair.

After this step, it is time to condition the hair to prevent tangling. Place another small amount of conditioner onto you hand (the exact amount will depend on the length of the hair), and apply through the hair. If the strands feel dry, you might want to consider using a hydrating mask as well.

After conditioning and washing out the hair again, place the wig on a drying stand and allow it to air dry, after combing the hair back into its normal position. Air drying is the gentlest way to dry the hair, and will make the wig last as long as possible.

Now comes the fun part! Styling a natural hair wig is as easy as styling your natural hair. Once the hair has dried completely, style it however you like.

Establishing a hair care routine is really the hardest part of caring for your beautiful wig. Just as you would have a routine for natural growing hair, create a routine for you wig. What days work well for you to take the time to wash your wig? When do you find the time and energy to care for your wig - mornings or evenings? Design a plan, and stick to it. Consistency in your care routine will make your wig last longer. Keep your cupboard stocked with hair care supplies so you never get stuck with no product!

100% human hair wigs are just one of a range of effective hair loss solutions. To explore which option is best for your needs, call us on 1300 427 778, or book your free and confidential consultation here.

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