Cancer Drug could Cure Baldness

Good news! New drugs that have been developed to fight rheumatoid arthritis and cancer may work to stimulate hair growth. A surprising twist that these drugs may offer a potential baldness cure given cancer is normally associated with hair loss.

It is specialised drugs called JAK inhibitors that stimulate hair growth and they are currently being tested at Columbia University as treatments for alopecia areata (hurrah).

Alopecia areata is an auto immune disease that attacks the hair follicles. These drugs suppress the inappropriate immune responses, and allow the follicles to leave the 'resting' stage and enter the hair cycle.

'The hair that came in came in beautifully and in a few weeks and very thickly'

Although these drugs do suppress the immune system, which leaves patients vulnerable to infections, there is more good news! The smart people at Columbia are developing away to topically apply the drugs (through creams), which is much safer. It also seems as if topical application gets more of the drug to the hair follicle.

'Male pattern hair loss follicles are stuck in the same state where these drugs seem to work'

This is exciting news for anyone experiencing hair loss, however a cosmetic option may be a while away.

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