Better Grey than Bald?

New research carried out by Fudge, a professional hair care company, reveals that 60 per cent of men living in the UK would prefer to go grey than to go bald. These findings also show that men will discover their 'signature hairstyle' around the age of 32, with 20 per cent of men admitting that reflecting their personality through their hairstyle plays a big part in determining a signature style. Dismissing the myth that men don't follow current hair trends, the survey also confirmed that certain celebrities can be somewhat influential, with 20 per cent of men confessing they want to grow their hair longer to imitate the slicked back styles that are currently trending with the likes of David Beckham and Bradley Cooper.

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"There is a common misconception about men that they are not influenced by hair trends, yet these findings show that British men make a significant number of attempts in finding their signature style, just two less than the average woman. A hairstyle that reflects their personality is clearly a priority for the modern man,' added Fudge creative director, John Vial.

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