Alopecia Areata story - what it feels like to lose your hair!

For this young woman, losing her hair from Alopecia Areata was always unpredictable, but idea of shaving her head was a way to take control.

Alopecia areata is a condition in which your immune system attacks your own hair follicles. Whether it comes from lupus or just on its own, it causes your hair to fall out. And for Becky she will never forget the night before Christmas Eve.

Her, at the time, high school boyfriend was over. He ran his hands through her hair and a huge chunk of hair fell away. Understandably Becky became quite concerned and began to “freak out” and told the boyfriend to leave. Naturally, the young Becky runs to her mum, looking for answers. Her mother grabs a mirror, and with a worried expression on her face, shows Becky the back of her hair. There is a huge bald spot.

Becky truly felt her natural beauty and her femininity were at stake. For nine years she put her hair in styles to try and hide the bald spots.

After years of painful cortisone injection, Becky made the decision to shave her head. The above video shows Becky shaving her hair and reclaiming control and power over her condition.

Although shaving your hair is not a solution for everyone, it can be quite liberating. If you have any questions about other solutions, or about the Gripper wig, a wig for alopecians made by alopecians then please call 1300 427 778. Alternatively come in for a consultation and speak with one of our hair loss experts.