Alopecia Areata: Hair Loss and the Grieving Process

Grieving over hair loss

A diagnosis of Alopecia Areata or any similar condition that results in hair loss is devastating news for anyone. Regardless of age or gender, these unpredictable (and often extreme) changes to a person’s appearance often results in a negative psychological impact.

The Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF) in conjunction with Associate Professor Gerard Kennedy and Ryan Veal of Victoria University, have created an informative brochure on the grieving process that can accompany hair loss.

Funding for the creation and production of this document was provided by Nicholas Assef, an investment banker, father and husband who developed Alopecia Universalis suddenly as an adult. He now spends time motivating those that have developed the condition on all the positives in life.

The brochure outlines the seven stages of grief that may be associated with Alopecia Areata as well as coping mechanisms for this from of hair loss. If you know somebody close to you with Alopecia Areata, you may feel helpless at times. Although you cannot “cure” the disorder, you can let the person know that you are there for them, and show you care. This brochure suggests many ways in which you can do that and will hopefully develop your understanding of what your friend or family member may be going through.

You can read the full document here.