Client Thrilled With New Fiery Red Hair!

Fiery red wig


The other day one of our courageous clients came into the salon to get her Follea Gripper Wig dyed a fiery red. The result? One fierce, roller derby loving, flaming red head who couldn’t be happier with her new look!

Inspired by the picture below which she saw on our website, our client who lives in Melbourne had a fly in, fly out appointment in our Sydney salon where our talented stylists Victoria and Anneliese made her hair dreams come to life.  Colour specialist Victoria was the brains behind achieving this amazing result, tag teaming with Anneliese who then proceeded to do the fastest cut in on a Gripper Wig in Transitions Hair history to make sure our client got her flight home to Melbourne!

Red Hair - long fun

Have fun with your Gripper Wig!

Before suffering from the hair loss condition known as alopecia, our client had previously had bright red hair and was keen to recreate this stand out look, taking charge of her alopecia and not letting this condition control her life! We love that she’s not afraid to have fun with her hair and embrace her alopecia by not only experimenting with the colour and style of her Gripper Wig but also by getting excited to change things up with her new hair!

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The Gripper Wig is a fantastic hair loss solution for anyone suffering from alopecia. In particular for those like our roller-derby loving client who leads an active lifestyle and wants complete confidence knowing that her Gripper Wig is going to stay secure at all times.

For more information on anything you’ve read, whether you too want to experiment with the colour of your wig in our full service salon, or you are interested in purchasing a Gripper Wig then call 1300 427 778. You can also book a free confidential consultation (valued at $250.00) with one of our hair loss specialists to discuss an of our hair loss solutions further.

Hair Loss Concerns Revealed


Worried about hair loss? You aren't the only one. According to new research by Nanogen, a staggering eight out of ten people in the UK are unhappy with their hair; not just because they don't like the way it looks - but they also believe that their hair is adversely affecting their love life and career.

More than 50 per cent of those surveyed said that their hair concerns were also negatively affecting their confidence and even 10 per cent of people admitted to cancelling plans because of their hair concerns!

Clinical psychologist Dr Jayne McCartney comments on the correlations between hair and confidence: "Our hair plays a major part in our appearance. Thinning hair can be psychologically devastating for both sexes, but for women especially the loss of hair can have long lasting and profound effects. Our hair is one of the first aspects that people will see and comment on, so they can be extremely self-conscious about it thinning.'

The Main Concern? Thinning Hair

Thinning hair definitely seems to be the prominent concern among those worried about their hair. In fact two thirds of people are constantly worrying that their hair will recede or get thinner in the future. The research shows that hair loss isn't just a male concern with more and women being concerned about hair loss and thinning hair than their male counterparts.

So as stated above, it would seem our major concern is the thickness, or more accurately the thinness of our hair. 40 per cent of us are concerned our hair is too thin, too oily and that our hair breaks too easily. It's a long known fact that better looking people earn more money and are more likely succeed in life and business. The quality of our hair is a major contributor to this. Many of us feel that thinning hair will damage our careers in areas such as salary and promotion prospects.

Dr McCartney continues: "The research also shows a lack of understanding with hair loss; only 14 per cent of women believe their hair will thin more after childbirth when actually up to a staggering 90 per cent suffer with thinning hair. Therefore everyone should be well educated and knowledgeable in products that can reduce hair loss'.

For Further information about hair loss and hair loss treatment options for both men and women, speak to one of our certified consultants by calling 1300 427 778 or click here to book your free confidential consultation with a hair loss specialist in Sydney.

Trichotillomania is Now Being Linked to Food Allergies


Trichotillomania is a type of compulsive behaviour that is characterised by the overwhelming urge to pull out one’s own hair, particularly from the scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows. There is still much to be discovered about this condition, however the latest research shows that there is a link between food allergies/intolerances and hair pulling.

Most people would never suspect food to affect compulsive hair pulling, let alone cause it. But a number of scientific studies have shown that it may very well be a cause or at the very least, a contributing factor. While relatively new research, there is good evidence suggesting that what we eat can dramatically alter our neurotransmitter balance, in particular, our levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a vital neurotransmitter that has the ability to affect sleep, mood, cravings, as well as an array of other functions – including the hair pulling urge associated with trichotillomania.

‘Looking at someone’s diet can provide major insights into eliminating the urge to pull.’

It is estimated that around 95% of the serotonin in our body is stored in the gastrointestinal tract; which means gastrointestinal function is essential for maintaining an appropriate neurotransmitter balance. In fact, many studies support the idea that intestinal permeability and enzyme deficiencies are found in people who have been diagnosed with depression – a mental illness that is caused by an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine. Further supporting this are reports that depression is a very common symptom associated with celiac disease – the severe intolerance of gluten.

Gluten Intolerance may be the cause of Trichotillomania

The following is an excerpt taken from the article, ‘Gluten Free Choice Consulting’ by Wendy L Cohan, RN, November, 2010:

“Gluten sensitivity can lead to neurological and mental health effects in various ways, including: Triggering inflammatory autoimmune responses throughout the nervous system; Producing narcotizing effects on the brain; Inducing changes in brain perfusion, or blood flow; And, through celiac disease, causing the malabsorption of key nutrients necessary for optimum neurological and mental health. We know that certain foods, including gluten, can trigger neurological and behavioural symptoms. People can change their diets and overcome previous behavioural patterns to live healthy, productive lives.”

If you are suffering from trichotillomania then it may be worthwhile to contact your GP for a food sensitivity test to determine whether or not a food allergy is the culprit behind your hair pulling urges.

For information on hair loss solutions for trichotillomania, get in touch with Transitions Hair today. We have a wide range of hair loss solutions to suit every need. Call us today on 1300 427 778 to arrange your free, confidential consultation (valued at $250.00) with one of our hair loss specialists.

Promising Hope for Trichotillomania Sufferers


Once considered a rare disorder, it is now understood that Trichotillomania affects around 1-4% of the general population. Despite this, minimal treatment options are available for those suffering from the hair pulling condition. However there may be hope yet with new studies showing promising results as a treatment for trichotillomania begins to emerge.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is a dietary supplement and amino acid that affects glutamate levels in the brain. NAC has already been studied in the treatment of a number of conditions across medicine and psychiatry. NAC is now being thought to have the potential to improve the symptoms of those suffering from the hair pulling disorder, Trichotillomania.

Up until now, no medication or other substance to date has shown effectiveness in the treatment of Trichotillomania. While these findings warrant further consideration and investigation, it is also a message of hope and promise for those living with Trichotillomania.

A controlled, randomized study of 50 individuals with Trichotillomania has been conducted and preliminary findings concluded that 56% of individuals reported a significant reduction of trichotillomania symptoms after 9-12 weeks of treatment. This is great news in the hair loss world; however it must be kept in mind that 50 individuals is a small scale study which makes it difficult to generalize results.

It is also important to note that the remaining 44% of study participants did not report any significant improvement in their hair pulling symptoms; thus, if it is effective, it is not likely to be effective for all sufferers of Trichotillomania. This being said, NAC has shown promise in becoming an evidence-based treatment for trichotillomania.

Hair Loss Solutions for Trichotillomania

While these findings are indeed promising, there is still further investigation to be done. In the meantime Transitions Hair has a number of hair loss solutions for people with trichotillomania. To discuss these options further call 1300 427 778 to book a free, confidential consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.

How Dating Works as a Bald Woman

Bald woman on dating

The diagnosis of alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, can cause a woman’s life to change drastically as they learn to deal with the unique challenges that come with being a bald woman. Alopecia affects around two per cent of the Australian population, that’s close to half a million people – so it may just be more common than you think!

The thing about alopecia is that apart from the fact you’re losing your hair, nothing else is physically wrong with you. If you see a bald woman on the street most people automatically assume she has cancer or some other serious underlying condition that has caused her hair loss. This is not the case with woman suffering from alopecia – however this common misconception and many others to do with female hair loss mean things like dating can be very hard as a bald woman.

Living with Female Hair Loss

Michelle Law, a sufferer of alopecia areata, has been bald for the majority of her dating life and for the past three years has had no hair on her head, no eyebrows and has lost most of her eyelashes. This makes dating hard, particularly as a young woman whose physical appearance is weighted above all else by those around her.

“I wear a wig in public simply because it makes everyday interactions easier and means I can avoid questions about cancer, religious extremism and what is endlessly baffling, lesbianism."

Before each date, Michelle runs through a checklist of questions in her head, most of which concern the wig she wears. Questions like; will it be windy? Is it cold enough to wear a hat for added security? What if he feels the base of my wig while we're kissing? If my wig  falls off do I explain myself or act surprised? However If the right guy came along, he'd be comfortable with the truth — which he did, and he is.

“I imagine if my baldness were exposed, both of us would be startled, before saying an awkward goodbye and then never speaking again. He would relay it as a humorous anecdote at parties. I would die alone, bald and sassy and surrounded by stray animals.”

Everyday life can be a terrifying prospect for a bald woman, let alone the idea of going on a date! Society has negatively portrayed female hair loss and this is what we have all been conditioned to. When your dateability is intertwined with your physical appearance, being a bald woman can make you feel like you don't have options. Losing your hair doesn't physically hurt, but it can be highly traumatic for a lot of women. This can lead to a warped view of self-worth and confidence, and sideways glances on the street can make a bald woman feel as though the only attention they deserve is anything but romantic.

Here at Transitions Hair for Women we have seen this time and time again and we want to help you get back out there! Whether it be the dating world or just feeling confident in yourself. Our wigs for women have helped many women with alopecia feel like themselves again, and have the confidence to be themselves a well! Call us today on 1300 427 778 to arrange a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists and start your journey to great looking hair today!

iGrow Laser Hair Therapy Treats Hair Loss in Women

Laser hair therapy system

The iGrow Hair Laser Hair Therapy System has received FDA over-the-counter clearance for women; making it the first wearable, in-home, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) hair growth device to receive a U.S. FDA over the counter clearance for both men and women. This is fantastic news for hair loss sufferers!

This has come about to the iGrow's proven results in effectively promoting hair growth in women with Fitzpatrick skin phototypes I to IV and with Ludwig Baldness Scale Classifications of I to II. The iGrow is a hands-free, in-home laser hair growth system that is now widely available without a prescription for both women and men to effectively treat hair loss.

The laser hair therapy system's patented red light technology re-energizes cells at the follicle level to successfully regrow hair that is thicker, fuller, and healthier! The iGrow uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to increase hair counts by 37 percent among women in just 16 weeks of treatments with zero side effects.

The device's highly productive combination of medical-grade LEDs and red laser diodes offers a convenient, cost-effective, and clinically proven solution for male and female hair loss. With consistent use, both women and men with varying types and degrees of hair loss, balding and thinning hair can experience significant results.

Combat Female Hair Loss in the Privacy of your own Home

The iGrow laser hair therapy system is such a convenient way to restore your hair which is why so many people love this simple, easy to use product that combats female hair loss in the privacy of your own home. The hands free system allows you to get on with what you need to do without being constrained to sitting in a chair or even having to stay in a specific room! This puts the iGrow Laser Hair Therapy System in an elite category of hair loss products that have not only proven equally effective for both men and women, but enable anyone to effectively treat hair loss from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Apira Science earned FDA clearance on the laser hair therapy system by conducting a double-blind, independently reviewed clinical trial to test the efficacy and safety of the iGrow Hair Growth System as an effective solution for hair loss in women. Female participants used the iGrow four times per week for 25 minutes per session and saw a 37 percent increase in hair counts in just four months.

You can purchase your very own iGrow Hair Growth System here. If you would like to chat more about the iGrow, or other solutions for female hair loss, call 1300 427 778 to book a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists.

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Canterbury Bulldogs boss reveals battle with Alopecia Areata

Canterbury Bulldogs boss

Many people had begun to speculate about the cause of Raelene Castle’s hair loss; many believed she had cancer, or that the stress of being the only female club boss was causing her to lose her hair. However Castle has recently revealed the real reason behind her hair loss, going public with her battle with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease which causes hair loss and thinning hair.

Castle has now opened up about her ongoing struggle with alopecia areata; especially as the condition is becoming harder and harder to hide. As the hair loss spreads across her parting line she currently uses hair pieces to disguise her thinning hair. However she fears that soon, not even hair pieces will cover the increasing hair loss.

"It's hard to finish drying your hair and see the bathroom floor covered in it every morning. It's a daily reminder. There are days when it just sucks."

Hair Loss in Women

Castle first noticed her thinning hair at the age of 34 and has been suffering from alopecia areata for the past decade. Her younger brother Ryan also has alopecia areata, however as Castle has experienced firsthand, hair loss is women is treated very differently than hair loss in men.  

Many assume that hair loss in women is the sign of a something far more serious, with Castle stating that it was important she tell people she did not have cancer, nor was the stress of her job causing her hair to fall out.

"It's not normal for women to lose their hair. I really don't want people to think it's the job and that stress is making my hair fall out. That's simply not true."

Hair Loss Solutions for Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata does not mean you have to stop living your life – just look at Raelene! Transitions Hair can help you transform you hair and give you the confidence to live your life; with hair loss solutions to suit all lifestyles.  The two most popular choices for women with alopecia areata are our beautiful range of wigs for women and Sensigraft for women.

Transitions Hair for Women has a depth of experience and knowledge to help you find the right hair loss solution for you. We offer a safe, private environment for you to talk about your condition, and discuss your preferred treatment and the desired look. To find out more about these great hair loss solutions for alopecia areata, book a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists – call 1300 427 778. Start your journey back to great looking hair today!

Eat your way to Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Looking for a super easy way to give your hair a boost? Whether you are suffering from hair loss or just think your hair is looking dull and lifeless; by making these five foods a regular part of your diet you can eat your way to a healthy head of hair.

Eggs: Eggs are rich a biotin, a B vitamin that is essential for hair growth and an overall healthy scalp. Don't like the taste of eggs? Mix two egg whites with four tablespoons of olive oil to create a homemade hair make. Just apply it to your hair, leave it one for 30 minutes then rinse it out. Other high-biotin foods for hair health include peanuts, almonds, wheat bran, avocado, and low fat cheese.

Spinach: Spinach is a great source of folate and iron, and better yet can lead to hair growth! The folate in this leafy vegetable helps build red blood cells which then carry oxygen to hair follicles - essential for hair growth. If you have hair loss or thinning hair add spinach to your diet to increase hair growth and prevent further shedding.

Bell Peppers: Yellow, red, and green bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C which is essential in maintaining healthy hair. Vitamin C is necessary to ensure that there is enough iron in the red blood cells to carry oxygen to hair follicles. Vitamin C is also used to form collagen - a structural fibre required for healthy hair maintenance. Without sufficient vitamin C intake, hair can become dry, and susceptible to splitting and breaking easily.

Lentils: Iron-rich sources of protein such as lentils are crucial for cell growth - including hair cells which will be particularly necessarily if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. Other vegetarian sources of iron-rich protein include; tofu, soybeans, starchy beans, and black-eyed peas.

Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene which is excellent for people with hair loss or thinning hair. Other beta-carotene rich foods which can promote hair growth include foods such as carrots, kale, dark green lettuces, asparagus, and pumpkin - which can all work wonders on your hair.

So give these foods a try and drop us a line to tell us how it went. We'd love to know if they worked for you!

Effective Hair Loss Treatments Available

Looking for a non-food related hair loss treatment that is guaranteed to work? Check out our range of hair loss solutions for both men and women. You can also book a free confidential consultation with one of our hair loss specialists - call 1300 427 778.

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Is Thinning Hair Giving Your Age Away?


No one wants to look older than they really are, but it would seem that your hair may be doing just that! Research is now showing that people with thinning hair as well as dull or damaged locks can look up to a decade older than they really are!

Thinning hair occurs as we age and is far more common that you might think. Figures released by the NHS recently revealed that more than eight million women suffer from some degree of hair loss or thinning hair; and as many as two thirds of all men.

Like our skin, as we age, hair becomes thinner. Hair texture also changes and becomes drier and coarser, particularly when it turns grey. Excessive brushing, chemical treatments, harsh products and heated styling tools all take their toll too, which can lead to thinning and aged looking hair.

If you are experiencing thinning hair don't fret, you can now rewind the clock and restore your hair with fantastic new solutions for thinning hair that that will make you look your age again - if not younger!

Don't Let Thinning Hair Age You

Thinning hair can not only give away your age but it can even make you look older than you are! Luckily here at Transitions Hair we have a range of solutions to conceal thinning hair and there's something to suit everyone - regardless of your age, gender, budget, or the severity of your thinning hair. Here are just a few of our great solutions for thinning hair and creating a thick, full head of hair and restoring your hair to its former glory.

BioTHIK Hair Building Fibres

BioTHIK hair fibres will give instant results for people experiencing thinning hair. These amazing fibres will give dull, lifeless and thinning hair a massive boost in volume and thickness - cosmetically concealing thinning hair in just 30 seconds!

Sensigraft Hair Technology

Sensigraft is an innovate new technology in hair restoration that successfully bridges the gap between conventional hair restoration options and surgical treatments. This non-surgical hair replacement solution is great for both men and women with moderate to severe thinning hair.

Topette Crown Extensions

Topette crown extensions are our most popular hair loss solution for women experiencing thinning hair or for women who simply desire more volume. Their quick, seamless application makes it easy to create a natural, beautiful look; restoring hair and confidence!

For more information about any on these hair loss solutions for thinning hair or to book a free consultation (valued at $250.00) with one of our hair loss specialists, simply call 1300 427 778.

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Follea Gripper Wig – Customer Review

Follea Gripper Wig

A very happy client of ours – wearing the Follea Gripper Sport wig in a 12" colour c3045.

When a client of ours walks away completely satisfied with their new hair we know we’ve done our job right. When you feel good, you look good, and here at Transitions Hair we just love being a part of that! Here is a review of the Follea Gripper Wig from another happy customer.

“In the beauty industry I need to make sure my appearance is immaculate at all times, the Follea Gripper Wig makes my life that much quicker and easier.

I would have to say this is the best piece I have ever purchased. I have owned synthetic hair, human hair lace, virgin human hair silicone vacuum wigs and last but not least the Gripper Sport by Follea. The Gripper is truly my favourite out of them all. I’M FREAKEN IN LOVE!!!

It is by far the lightest most secure pieces I have (I can go under water and it holds up better than any of my suction vacuum pieces) ,it's the most comfortable piece I have had on my head . And the hair, (which I did have some concern hearing it was slightly processed) is just AMAZING, truly beautiful. It has complete movement, it’s soft, smooth and when comparing the actual hair with some of my "virgin hair unprocessed wigs" the only difference I had found was that I liked this hair better. Surely this "slightly processed" process I my eyes is a good thing.

Oh and how could I forget how natural it looks! Just look at it. It looks like it's growing from my scalp! I HAVE A HAIRLINE AGAIN!!”

More about the Follea Gripper Wig

The Follea Gripper Wig has been specifically designed for women who are suffering from alopecia and has been made with all the unique challenges that alopecia sufferers face in mind. As you may well tell from the above review, the Follea Gripper Wig is light, breathable, durable and comfortable! For more information about the gripper wig or to book a free consultation with one of our hair loss specialists, call 1300 427 778.