World’s Oldest Human Hair Found!!

What a load of .......... hyena dung????

Archaeologists always amaze me, but never quite like this. They have apparently found the world's oldest human hair in fossilised Hyena dung! Incredible! Don't think too hard about how it got there. Not a pretty thought!

Have a look at the article; it certainly makes for an interesting read and interesting trivia.. Especially if you are in the business of hair. Which we are! We will always try to bring you the latest information about hair loss, baldness, hair restoration, hair transplants and hair replacement as we become aware of it. Stay Tuned!

Click here to read the full article.

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Welcome to our Hair Loss Blog!

It's the first time we have ever attempted a blog, so we expect that it will get better the more we do it. Most things are like that; I know I'm much better at the art of hair restoration and hair replacement today than when I started 16 years ago!

The purpose of this blog is multiple:

Primarily, and quite honestly, this blog is designed to help promote awareness about the services that our company provides to those experiencing hair loss. In order to do that, it must be full of interesting, relevant and honest information. Otherwise Google won't rank it and you won't read it! We wouldn't expect you to read it if it wasn't full of good content.

Secondly, it is to provide helpful and interesting information about hair loss, thinning hair, hair replacement and hair restoration solutions. Whether it's about hair regrowth, Laser light hair retention therapy, pharmaceutical hair growth treatments, hair transplants, non-surgical hair restoration, non-surgical hair grafts or wigs, we aim to blog about it at some stage so that you can be better informed. There is much to consider when thinking about which option is the best one for you, so we hope to clear up any misconceptions that may exist. However, nothing compares to a personal and professional evaluation of your situation; this blog is not designed to replace professional recommendations.

Thirdly, it's a place to announce new hair restoration technology - especially if we are introducing it at Transitions. We try to bring you "tomorrow's technology today" - sure, that may sound like a marketing pitch, but frankly, that's our goal. We want you to know about what's new, what's hot and what's not.

Fourth, the feel good factor - because that is what we are all about: feeling good! We have numerous stories about how we have helped improve the confidence and lives of others and we hope to share some of these frankly, honestly and confidentially (with their permission). We have a saying in the studio: "People come in here crying (tears of pain) and leave here crying (tears of joy)." That's because that is what happens! It is a common experience, because what we do what works, it meets our clients' expectations and they are delighted.

Of all the vocations one could work in, we can't think of many others that are more satisfying than ours. Not only do we transform a person's appearance, we also transform their lives through giving them what they need to feel good about themselves again and improve their self esteem and confidence dramatically. Why wouldn't we want to share some of these experiences? It is such a privilege to be able to journey with our clients both in this process and in their lives. We want to share a few of those stories along the way.

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