7 Ways to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker

Thick hair

Although the issue for some can be more than just styling, it is always nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve. We have pulled together a few tips to help give you the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. 

1. Curl Your Ends Inwards – If you do this while straightening your hair, it will give the illusion of more volume, making the hair appear thicker and fuller. Ironing your hair straight already gives the appearance of thin hair, and ironing ends dead straight (especially damaged ends) will increase this effect.   

2. Get a Multi-Dimensional Colour – one wash of colour is not your friend! One single all over colour can make hair look a little flat. Natural hair has multiple colours through it, and these colours catch and throw light in different ways making the hair appear to be fuller. So next time you are in the salon, steer clear of the one wash of colour and get some highlights (or low lights for that matter).

3. Use Volumising Powder – It sounds pretty basic but most of us aren’t using volumising powder, and if we are, we aren’t using it correctly. Use these products at the root to keep hair look full and voluminous. If you don’t have any powder on hand, dry shampoo creates the same effect!

4. Rinse Out ALL That Conditioner - One common mistake that people make when washing hair is not rinsing all of the product out after conditioning. The left over product will weigh your hair down, which could make it look flat and even feel a little greasy. A good rule of thumb is that if your hair still feels slippery, you have to keep going!

5. Get a Layered Haircut – This is the easiest way to give the illusion of thicker hair. Layered hair will bounce up, framing your face. You’ll still be able to maintain your length without the long hair pulling the volume out.

6. Blow-dry Upside Down – By flipping your head and blow drying from the roots, you will be able to give your hair a lot more volume, and an overall thicker look.

7. Use a Mousse – If you hate looking like you have product in your hair, mousse is the way to go. A lightweight mousse, to the roots of your hair and whether you are blow-drying, curling or straightening you are guaranteed an increase in volume. 

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