6 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Wig As Your Hair Loss Solution


Decades of slapstick comedies poking fun at wigs and well, simply bad quality wigs have all given wigs a bad name. But now all that is changing. Wigs are becoming a very popular beauty product, and more than ever are the ideal hair solution for women suffering from female pattern baldness.

Many women however, can still feel apprehensive about wearing wigs. They’re worried that these may not look or feel real; that they’ll look unnatural and easily fall off; or be really uncomfortable to wear. But all these couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with today’s modern wigs for women.

Today, women’s wigs are more beautiful, comfortable and realistic looking than ever before. And there are plenty of reasons why you should consider them as your female pattern hair loss solution:

1. They effectively disguise hair thinning and hair loss, and boost confidence

Losing a lot of hair can be a particularly traumatic experience, especially for women. Hair plays such a significant role in building up a woman’s identity and self-confidence. So when a woman starts to lose that hair, it’s like they lose a part of themselves as well.

Real human hair wigs give women an effective hair replacement solution that lets them feel like themselves again. These not only cover up any bald or thinning spots, they also give women a whole new look that they can choose to suit them perfectly. This is why wigs are not just ideal for women who suffer from conditions like alopecia areata. They’re a great option for any woman who wants a boost in confidence by sporting a great new do with their wig.

2. They let you change your style whenever you want

Speaking of hairdos, wigs allow you to style your hair in just about any way you want, whenever you want. This is especially true with real hair wigs. Celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenners are well known for wearing wigs for this exact purpose. By wearing wigs they can sport a uniquely styled and coloured ‘do in one event, and instantly have a totally different one in another. Like these celebrities, you can choose from a myriad of styles, cuts and colours. So no matter how you feel like wearing your hair on any given day, you can achieve it without inflicting any damage whatsoever to your real hair. Blonde with a perm? A daring jet black bob? Fiery redhead? You can get every look effortlessly with a wig!

3. They protect your natural hair and allow it to grow

Curling, colouring, straightening, blow drying-- with all of the damaging things we put our hair through it’s inevitable for them to become brittle and fall out. Wearing a wig can help your hair to recover from this damage and grow back. This is the reason famous actress Keira Knightley gave on why she wears wigs: to protect her hair from all the styling it has to go through in all of her movies. Apart from giving your natural hair a break from damaging styling processes, wigs can also protect your hair from bad or extreme weather and pollutants. Just make sure you wear one that has a breathable cap to give your hair and scalp room to breathe.

4. They save you tons of time

If you’re fond of styling your hair but take forever to do so, you’ll love wearing a wig because all you need to do to get the style you want is to pick the right wig and go! You never have to go through a day of bed head hair, bad hair or bad hairstyling ever again. Just put your wig on and you’ll look just as fabulous as you did the day before! And if you’re suffering from severe hair loss, wigs can also save you plenty of time compared to other hair loss solutions. There are no extra treatments, waiting times, clips or combs necessary-- simply put the wig in place and you instantly have a full head of hair in the style that you want!

5. They can save you money

Now before you object and say that wigs are expensive, hear us out. Wigs can actually be more economical than other hair loss solutions because, with proper care they can last for up to a year. They also don’t require expensive surgeries or several treatment sessions, just a good quality wig shampoo and conditioner, and a wig stand.

Also, when you consider the annual cost of maintenance for your own hair including cuts, colours or foils (which can cost you up to $500 per visit!), there’s really not much of a difference in terms of cost.

There are some wigs however that can cost a bit more than ready-made wigs, but these kinds certainly make up for their costs in customisation.

6. They can be customised

There are plenty of ready-made wigs you can choose from, but if you want a wig that’s specially made to suit you, you can opt for a custom-made natural hair wig. These realistic wigs are made by first getting a contour analysis of your head, so the wig can be made to fit your head perfectly and according to your specified preferences.

If you’re interested in getting a custom-made wig or want to find a high quality ready-made wig you can feel absolutely comfortable in, get in touch with Transitions Hair today. We always sit down with our clients first to talk about their exact needs and preferences, so they can get the most ideal hair loss solution for them. Give us a call now on 1300 427 778 to schedule your free first consultation.